Saturday, June 18, 2016

Transitioning and Rebranding

Dear Readers,

Over recent re-evaluations, I've come to the conclusion this blog hasn't quite delivered on it's promise, mostly because my personal praxis hasn't gone quite as expected or nearly as smoothly as I would like (When does it ever). Therefore, I have begun transitioning to a focus more in keeping with where my practice has actually developed. What will this mean for this particular blog? Very little as I shall explain.

I will be keeping this blog largely as-is though even it will be fine-tuned for focus. I'll still write posts here about goetia, spirits, and demons or daemons, and workings of necromancy. What I will be doing is creating a new blog for my rebranded stores, The Scrying Serpent. Why two blogs and what will it actually involve?

The Scrying Serpent will be primarily focused on Cartomancy, Divination, and Healing Modalities, such as using my Reiki Mastery effectively, and my progresses toward various herbal healing methods, learned curatives, and alchemy. As serpents have always been viewed across the world as bringing both harm and cure, as well as foresight and divination, that is what is embedded in the name, "The Scrying Serpent." This change in focus and iconography has been driven by ancestral influences as I've discovered and propitiated my ancestors, and through the influences the Thai amulets I have rented have brought into my life. I've realized that I'm just not content if I'm not actively bringing healing and divination to those around me and so I'm moving forward after trying for too long to put my focus where my spirits are not as engaged with me. 

Now this doesn't mean I'll be leaving grimoires, or daemons, or Necromancy alone from now on - I'll be doing quite a lot of that, but it will move to a more practical and supportive role to the Divinatory and Healing focus that will soon be my professional work as well as I work through my degrees towards a Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine. I will also be furiously adding to my own herbal knowledge and curatives via courses and books outside of mainstream academia. This will I hope make me a far more well rounded healer than I otherwise would be. There will also be some practical alchemy products being produced for my own personal use and sale so that's something to look forward to as well. You can also expect a more polished professionalism to my stores and listings. Original art (which I hold copyrights for), and more professionally arranged photos. More divinatory spreads, Geomancy readings by themselves (and always included with each card reading or sitting. Typed out reports for your readings will have a consistent, pleasing presentation with embedded photos for the reading, sitting, and geomantic tables. 

Let's face it, there are plenty of folks that do spiritual fetishes better than I. Wolf and Goat comes immediately to mind with the always stunning artistry of Troy Chambers. Likewise, there are far more well known necromancers out there that can fill any need there. I will play towards my gifts instead of towards just my inclinations. I like dark, scary, and twisted things - the forgotten and unloved. I suppose that's why I adore the show, "Penny Dreadful" so much. I'm nothing if not stubborn so I will still be putting some spirit fetishes out there with all the various internal spiritual components and the external artistry improved steadily by degrees informed by practice and dedication and thoroughness. I will likewise occasionally construct for sale various occult tools and fetishes of the necromantic variety, but the focus will be towards what I've always been naturally gifted at. It's time to use the gifts I've been given instead of craving to improve the mediocre ones I'd like to better. 


The Valeyard