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Occult project juggling act

Okay, so I really don't have a following here, but if anyone enjoys - more power to them. The purpose of this blog is mainly for myself. I'll be blogging here the progress (and thoughts) on current undertakings from a demonolatry and goetic perspective. Often contradictory, but a few authors (but particularly Jake Stratton Kent, and Peter Grey) have opened my eyes to the possibility of performing grimoire magic without being disrespectful to the demons that are doing the heavy lifting. As such I've begun researches into The True Grimoire as translated by JSK. I've also continued by devotional practice to my nine daemonic divinities, and made some progress into the Liber Lilith by Donald Tyson. I'll be going into greater depth on these as follows:

  • The True Grimoire, by JSK is a true joy to get into once you peer past the very thin layer of the "good catholic" varnish that all grimoires are afflicted with. It has a really beauty in that it quickly appeals to the demonic hierarchy to get things done after the briefest of foreplay with christian threats. Even this can be disposed of in favor of using Pyrimidos and calling on pagan gods to provide the basis for your transactions with demons. Digging into the demons further and the more proper title for these beings as a class would be daemons and the elementals they have authority over. Daemons are beings that exist apart from gods but are just as eternal. Just as gods, they permit access to various forces within the universe whereby through rituals, offerings, and dedications they will assist the seeker. Some of these daemons are former gods, but many are not, or were first known as household spirits. If this is of interest to anyone, Jake Stratton Kent's continuation in his grimoire series, Geosophia I and II are excellent and well researched sources for the Greek roots of Western Magical Traditions. Well on to my progress here. For any successful start, you have to do your research and there are a few excellent sources I've been tapping in addition to JSK's book. First among these is the Grimorium Verum edition by Joseph H. Peterson - an excellent resource which showcases the various editions of the Verum in a handy reference paperback volume. The second, and perhaps greater resource is the Yahoo group: where many much more experienced mages hold forth on the various aspects of tool creation, the nature of spirits, etc. Jake Stratton Kent is also very active on the boards and will often answer a well thought out question. The next important step is the construction or purchase of the tools after a quick purification with a Magical Ablution and Orison. After performing the purification, the correct timing is absolutely essential according to the planetary hours and days. A lot of experienced mages tell me this is absolutely essential, and after making a beginning of it I can definitely now see the value in it. The spirits who reside over each day lend their particular energies (whether asked for or not) into that undertaking which is begun in their day and hour. Knowing which spirit would have the greatest sympathy with the material and tool constructed will give you a much greater effect than otherwise, and the energy itself is so much less conflicted. Observing all the correct timing when constructing or purchasing the tools required, namely: the knife, sacrificial knife, hazel wand, elder wand, Lancet, graver, pen, inkhorn, and ink of art, asperger, perfume, and goat parchment. Such is the expense and difficulty in gathering these materials and tools, that I am still purchasing them or awaiting their delivery. another six months should see every tool gathered consecrated and ready. I can definitely say I look forward to getting beyond the tool construction phase, though it has been a rewarding experience in itself. I've made a few contacts that can be depended on getting various objects fashioned, not just according the the Verum spirit's likes, but for those spirits to whom I maintain altars to. To help the individual that is also struggling to find the tools required here are some of my sources and links: For the knife, I have a custom creation, according to the specifications in the grimoire, the materials that best align with me, and my own familiar spirits: Here's a drawing of the knife in question: I am really happy with the knife's design, the materials, and the artist who is constructing with planetary days and hours in mind (You rock Gary). I definitely plan on working with Omega Artworks again when commissioning the sacrificial knife, lancet, and graver. I'll post the photos as soon as they become available. Moving on, a diabetic lancing device will work wonderfully for the lancet (order online if you don't want strange looks or objections), the pen, inkhorn and ink can be had readily through while the quality is fine enough, I long for the antique inkhorns with their quality beyond today's mass production mess. I may actually order a pen as well, simply because of dissatisfaction I feel. A custom pen would at least avoid any sort of mass-produced feel and can be purchased according to planetary hour and day just like a quill and inkhorn. The ink in the pen itself is more troublesome but I imagine an ink refill can be purchased with the right timing and avoid that issue. Probably more forthcoming on this, but working through the items that await my blacksmith is the primary concern at the moment. Now on to the wands! A quality source for these comes from JSK himself, cut according to the directions in the Verum: the website listed has the wands and other useful items listed. Aspergers are readily available from various church supply stores on the internet, the quality is excellent (even if it is expensive). For goat vellum, sources are scarce as can be imagined, but to my delight there is a resource for them after all here: I hope my rambles have helped my fellow students of the Verum.
  • Demonolatry is often ignored, or worse it attracts the crowd teen experimenters because it sounds transgressive and wicked cool. For this reason, I see the larger magical community shunning demonolatry - and mainly because of "those damn kids." Also to a lesser degree you see a rejection because it can't possibly be as old as the families that practice it claim it is. Dukante also is rejected because he is a relative newcomer (but no worse, and perhaps better than Crowley - certainly he is less transgressive than Crowley was in his day). All these arguments miss the point. Certain authors such as J. Thorp and S. Connolley have compiled some impressive titles (for example: "The Complete Book of Demonolatry Magic" and "The Complete Book of Demonolatry" respectively) which include a wealth of language sigils called demonic enns - verses that when spoken act as a sigil in addition to the wealth of traditional sigils within their books. Add to this methods of cooking up oleums (oils) dedicated to various entities, and incense mixtures and how to make them. This is the very best of the best - and it works! It far surpasses anything else I've seen, with the precise directions carefully guiding the practitioner. In a word I love Demonolatry for all this and more. It really does provide an excellent devotional method of contact with the ancient gods and daemons and itself does not try to be transgressive and weird about it. A very useful resource for me and one I highly recommend - despite the sad neglect it receives from the wider community (and the excessive love of the youth crowd). Two interesting pamphlets entitled Goetic Demonolatry and Daemonolatry Goetia provide some handy references if one should desire to connect the world of the grimoires with Demonolatry practice. I would love to see these two communities begin playing well with each other because the occult community as a whole could only benefit. 
  • prayer cord to my 9 daemonic divinities
    • For my own progress into Demonolatry I've done path-work and meditation, and dream work toward connecting with my matron and mentors/teachers. As Lilith my matron led me to this practice this was perhaps the easiest step but no less intensive for all that. Any serious devotee to a spirit must make the effort to frequently seek out that spirit through meditation, prayers, and dreamwork. Maintaining this is the constant struggle of the day-to-day. Once that relationship is formed however, your matron or patron will always be there for you - just don't neglect them as you don't want the repercussions of failing in your devotion - the spirits will make it known! I have perhaps been very spoiled in that I have always had a very strong connection to Lilith, in point of fact - she's always been there for me. To have a stronger and more mature relationship with her however, I have also sought her out - chased her where she would lead me. Our relationship has only strengthened for my determination that I would give back to her and devote myself to her with all that I am able. From this connection, other spirits will be attracted to you - they will long to form a connection with you as well. These will often be spirits associated with your matron or patron, but may also be spirits completely or only peripherally associated with your beloved entity. Agreeing to form a bond with them will only strengthen your bond with your matron. Sometimes, these relationships will strengthen to the point where one of these new spirits becomes your new matron or patron. Be ready for obsession and ecstasy. Dedication rituals are a must with each spirit you decide to work with. Ultimately you should have nine spirits you should regularly work with, whether these are the nine traditional demonic divinities or whether these are all spirits that attracted your attention. Once these are all gained and you have developed that initial relationship with them and are comfortable enough with them to proceed you should gain some specific details about their likes from them, things such as: colors, herbs, stones or crystals, their spheres of influence, sigils, demonic enn, their appearance, etc. Once you have all this you can fashion their statues for your altar to them, their incense mix, oleum, and their part of the prayer cord or witch's ladder. You can see my prayer-cord above fashioned from paracord tied into monkey-fist knots around a core of stone, incense mix, ash from the burned sigils, and elements that tie them to me, namely blood, fingernails, hair, etc. If yours is a sexual relationship with the entity or you do sex magic with said entity, don't neglect the sex fluids. Consider making several of these - one for your prayer-cord and one for your key-chain, purse, etc. They are a powerful connection to the entity in question and will quite easily connect you to them. It's like having a direct line to speak with them at any time despite the distractions of the moment or the day. They are very similar is some respects to spirit pots of other traditions. I highly recommend them! Moving on, you need to develop your altars to each entity - and keep at it! My own altars are not as fully developed as I (or they) would wish, so I am constantly on the look out for elements to add to their altars. Some examples of what to add to their altar beyond the obvious statue, and some candles are these: framed pictures of the entity, incense, oleum, and a small glass (I use shot glasses with their names etched upon them) for offerings of whatever libation your spirit desires, amulets, and permanent gifts like coins, stones, etc. Some folks will say offer this every day, but this could get expensive. I think the point is you need to keep attentive of your altar and if their glass is empty - refill it. They are your honored guest at the very least and need to be treated well. If they desire it the spirit may ask for a small plate of food as well. 
  • Now on to Liber Lilith - a rather interesting book by Donald Tyson that pretends to be a grimoire and a journal of an unfortunate man who decides to work with the spirit of the grimoire, namely Lilith. The obsession and depravity that results is certainly cautionary, but that's also quite the appeal as well. Despite also being a good value as an entertaining read it also forms a very workable grimoire in truth in developing a relationship with Lilith. The book is a very able guide in this direction and any individual who works with Lilith already should consider this book as an excellent resource in it's own right. Efforts of my own in this direction are in development and documented here at the artist's facebook page: where an image of Lilith is being made. Finished image will be posted here and hopefully at where you can get your own custom statue, plaque or crucified figure or select from the artist's extensive collection. 
  • Finally, check out this statue of Pomba Gira. Heck, check out everything at and at You'll be glad you did. This guy's skill is amazing. I've looked for years for an individual who could see the spirits as I see them and all of a sudden I find two - 'Maiya' and Jeff Cullen. Amazing artists both, though you will find that any order with Jeff will take quite a while to receive as he has a significant backlog in orders from all over the world.
Well that's it. I'll be checking in with more as the spirits allow.

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