Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Procession of Lilith

The 'hand of Inanna' sits serene and confident upon the skulls of foolish men. Come to her embrace and be transfigured...This is the daemoness that howls in the wilderness, whose clamor has drawn the other fell creatures to her side. And now they march. They march for every injustice born of grasping man. For every little girl who's heart is still pounding in her chest after the last hellish abuse wondering what there is to live for. They march for love as thou wilt against the tyranny of gender and sexual discrimination. They march in rage, they march in bloodlust that will not be denied. See how her aspect morphs our own faces in demonic frenzy. We join the throng...confident strong, overwhelming. No word is ever spoken, but the roar and screech and wail, yet all who follow her know her will. The false ones are throw down and trampled, the confidence man is no more, the rapist has been devoured, and the powerful have fallen before her and begged of her mercy they never granted to the weak, the defender-less. Soon they were no more and upon their bleached skull'd remains Inanna descends to captivated throngs. "This will be!" she speaks, and the world listens knowing it for it's own and secret truth revealed. And so it shall be. Amen

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