Friday, June 24, 2011

The threat to Imagination

I have increasingly become concerned by the trend of lawmakers the world over and popular culture in suppressing en-mass the imaginations of their populations...from youth! No bigger threat to this is what's happening in our public schools where they are taught that everything they can imagine is fake and somehow of no substance. That magic is for entertainment alone, and of no value outside of make-believe. The children are then left with rather dull outlooks where nothing impossible or wonderful could happen at any second. I can only see a few solutions to this threat: keep the children at home and school them in all the wonder and glory of the world - and how imagination and magic are very real forces that can shape the world into a better place. The other solution? We need a real school, much like the fictional Hogwarts Academy. A place where not only the normal scholastic things are taught, but magic(k), meditation, and the full use of imagination and creativity as well. Only these forces can possibly negate the slide into a consumer atheistic wasteland where the government solves all your problems for you, and your only job is to work and spend to help support the bloated economy of rich men. Don't get me wrong, not all schools are horrible and not all governments - heck, even I work for the government, one's patriotism can only truly be shown by one's willingness to die for country and to be willing to speak your mind.  At least that's my take on things, take from it what you will.

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of cases like these Now I don't know much about the particular manga the man had on his computer, but while some manga can be extreme, it should not be in any way confused with 'kitty porn' or transform the man in to some very twisted child pornographer or child molester. It's art, it's meant to be provocative to make us think and dream and be. Governments have no right to censure this. Worse, we're seeing people murdered on a daily basis in Africa, the Middle East, and India as witches simply because they are old or different or live alone i.e. -  Spirits help the actual witch caught by these lynch crowds! This sort of thing is happening daily and yet most of us are blissfully ignorant. I can see the connection between these two, can you?

Progressing the topic at hand of threats to imagination, we see even more of this by the over-consumption of entertainment properties: movies, video games, and television. Our society has become addicts for entertainment precisely because imagination and magic is at death's door in many of us. To fill the void, we consume things and entertainment. A healthy life would be to consume in moderation, creating more than we ourselves consume - or at least creating in parity with our consumption.  I'm not against commercialism or even consumption, but I do think a balance needs to be maintained - a balance that is sorely out of whack.  So, turn of the telly. Stop obsessively playing that game on your smartphone. Instead, take a walk. Read a book or two. Write, draw, paint, sculpt, twist, and plait a life that has been lived, that has dared to imagine and see the magic that is all around us. It's not too late...

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