Thursday, June 23, 2011

Traditional versus Contemporary

The debate has begun over utilizing the 'modern' 1960's daemonology method of reciting daemonic enns with hoodoo elements to Verum spirits for spell workings is valid... Or whether it's a poor substitute for the traditional system as it stands with the excellent work by Jake Stratton Kent and his True Grimoire translation and uncovering of it's Greek roots in Geosophia. I rather prefer the 'pure' method, but I'm not against utilizing what works in more compact spell-work in a hoodoo-like context. Wiser and more experienced mages debate even now on this subject...I've created a perfect storm or so it appears. Honestly, I think if it adds value (which my own practice tells me it does), and the spirits confirm it's okay to use then what precisely would be the problem? If other practitioners use it frequently to great success am I really doing something that degrades my overall practice? Devi Spring has an excellent method laid out here: Anyways, it works and my spirits do approve so I'll keep using the method. It won't hurt to do things (as I continue to prepare for) in the traditional method, but this method is an excellent 'gateway' into that as I gain favor and experience with the spirits of the Verum in a non-traditional basis, in order to work with them in the traditional goetic grimoire basis. Courtesy by consulting their proper chief first before working with them definitely is a good idea, but no reason to avoid the Verum spirits during the tool building phase such as I am in. In any case I don't have the materials for much hoodoo style spellwork either at the moment so I must be content with pathworking and meditations alone. ;-)

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