Sunday, July 24, 2011

Building a better meditation technique

If your someone who puts time into your meditations then you'll realize at some point in pursuing said meditations that your techniques get stale of working your way through the layers of reality. How do you remedy this? Well the first thing is to not stop meditating even when it feels like your getting nowhere - eventually you're going to break through and do some good for your body/mind/spiritual state. The next thing you can do is mix some new meditation techniques and visualizations to bring a sense of freshness into your meditations and reinvigorate them. To that aim, I've been working through Jason Millers' excellent '101' book: "The Sorcerer's Secrets: Strategies in Practical Magick" Nothing is neglected here for a healthy practice and I'm finding many of his visualizations and breathing exercises extremely helpful in giving my meditations and my ritual work that extra "kick." Much is familiar, but the fresh perspective really helps when taking myself deeper. It is such an excellent reference for these base-line techniques that I'm even considering buying several more copies to give out to friends or coworkers and my lone student in Africa.  I can't recommend the book enough, and his strategic sorcery course is also bound to have a great deal to offer. While my own researches, particularly into the Grimoire Verum - the Grammar of Truth indeed! ;-), PGM, Geosophia, and Crossed Keys continues I find little time of my own to take up a correspondence course, but if it's anything like his books it should prove useful to those that haven't yet embarked upon a grimoire journey such as mine.

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