Sunday, July 10, 2011

Devotion and Transcendence

The path of knowledge, the pursuing of all hidden knowledge and sorcery is a space very cluttered of late with many would be seekers and/or teachers espousing this or that method whereby man transcends himself and attains a god-like state of being.  This is of course nothing new, and the purpose of this post is not to disparage any particular system, but rather a hole that can appear in many very valid systems by over-focusing on the path to power. That 'hole' would be the neglect to cultivate relationships with the spirits through which spells are empowered, and with who's aid mysteries are revealed. One could certainly argue from the view that the spirits are naught more than personalities developed to better visualize the various forces of the universe, impersonal and incapable of having feelings hurt. The more one works with them however, the more that can be seen as a careless approach to these very real entities. However, if that still doesn't work for you you can at least look at each spirit as a powerful force that when used as any tool - care and respect must be used or your liable to cut yourself as you would with a disrespected knife. The forces or spirits will then move according to your wish if the rules and formalities are observed. If they are real entities however, this can be taken a step or two further into a rich practice of devotion. What do I mean by devotion? Do I mean a return to slavish servitude to an all-powerful spiritual being (such as is worshiped in christianity)? Perhaps for some this is a valid path, however this also is missing something. What then do I mean by devotion? It's a loaded term, a powerful word...point of fact we're scared shitless of this word that conjures images of selfless servitude and utter disregard for our own needs. We need not be so fearful. Such images are remnants of a judeo-christian mindset. Instead, devotion is a two-way street. It's the practice whereby two or more individuals share from what they have. It's a friendship. It's a love affair. Yes you give to the spirits - but they also give back. In regards to devotion to spirits like Lilith, devotion can - and will take on whole new dimensions. Obsession can result, fanaticism even. If one can successfully navigate through these traps however and keep a hold of your inner-most self the true path is revealed as one of transcendence. Your self enters a chrysalis, wrapped around with delirious passions and desires. You become drunk on them, you imbibe them into your very being. You drink to the dregs the cup that Babalon offers up to you. Then you begin to emerge - slowly - oh so very slowly! and in growing wonder and delight you see your very identity has changed. No longer are you whom you thought. You are more. You are consort to the daemon Lilith, you are Sammael at once both an archangel and arch-devil. You are filled with that duality of purpose and realize at once that there is no duality. There is no good and evil. As your senses and body hums with power, your gaze falls upon Lilith and fire envelops you in a hunger and desire stronger and more fierce than any you have felt before. You realize that with Lilith in your arms everything is within reach and nothing is unachievable. For to be Sammael and Lilith is to be opposite and equal to God. Union with Lilith is union with both Celestial Queen and Underworld Goddess. She is the initiation as the hand maiden of Inanna - leading you into the sacred mysteries, and she is Inanna herself - and behold she is darkest Ereshkigal too. Equality with godhood - the Ninth Gate indeed! This isn't a process that stops within one's lifetime, nor does a monarch butterfly emerge swiftly from it's chrysalis. It takes a great deal of painful, ongoing effort. It takes the wind's sometimes harsh blasts to dry the sodden wings - made uselessly heavy and soft by all that encapsulated emotion from which they came. When you can finally fly you're the purest expression of divine daemonic spirit. There is always room for caution and humility however. There are other things in these skies - terrifying creatures that can prey upon you - but now in turn you can prey upon them. Poison is your very soul, and strikes down your enemies - such is the monarch - and so are you. It is not for nothing that you are called "The poison of god." Greater beings than yourself will fall prey unto you. And like the butterfly - you are legion. Lilith indeed has many lovers, and her lovers are an uncountable multitude. Your spirit undying, returning again and again. It is a relationship and a love that is never-ending. Sure there are fellow humans that will pin your body to display boards or gigantic forces as cars to hit and smear that same fragile body, but spirit - spirit is eternal.

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