Saturday, July 16, 2011

Lilith and Spirit Pots

So I was reading some of my favorite blogs and De heer Balthazar's Conjure Gnosis blog had an update that made question marks go up in my head. Here's the link to his blog, definitely one I'd recommend: Anyways, so the post was about Spirit Pots and how one should never EVER make a pot to muerto spirit (read spirit of the dead) if you are not fully initiated and fully prepared for any situation that could result when making such a vessel and providing that access into your environment and daily life. He was particularly keen on stressing that trickster spirits love containers and if you don't craft it correctly they can move in and can be really hard to get rid of. Naturally I began to wonder as I've never had a negative result such as in crafting that prayer cord to my daemons. Well there is more to it - and why I had such good results even beings so new to crafting such things. It really comes to light when I read everything that R.O. posted on his blog for crafting Spirit Pots safely (note his method was for goetic and archangels not spirits of the dead). You can see the excellent directions here: I began to realize just how involved Lilith and my other daemons are involved in my life and practice and how they actively work for my safety. I paid attention to their directions when crafting their 'prayer beads' - I questioned them closely for their color affinities, herbs, stones, incenses, etc. I burned their sigils and added them to the mixture, I recited their enns like mantras while crafting them and I could tell the spirit I wanted took up residence within because I had taken the time to build relationship with the daemons prior to all of this. Note: I'm not a genius, I should have screwed this up, but I didn't because my spirits were actively looking out for me. I believe if others follow a similar method they also will have good results. Best advice though - listen to your spirits, not some new spirit you haven't yet formed a relationship with yet, but a spirit you've taken the time to know and that knows you. They will take care of you. Again I work with daemons that are said to be demons and evil beings and they are actively looking out for me - protecting me. I got to say they've definitely won me over - particularly Lilith who has been especially helpful in guiding my practice to where it needs to go. The final capstone to this whole experience was Jason's post here: where things begin to finally make sense. Spirits of the dead are local spirits - they are here with us everywhere mostly unseen - when you provide a home for them they have a huge ingress into your life and can screw things up for you quite a bit by meddling in everything whether they are being malicious or not. Planetary spirits, Archangels, demons, daemons and the like are not local - they come from outside and are given access to our realm through spirit pots and the like. I feel kind of stupid - I knew this, but I hadn't registered this very obvious difference! Seeing it laid out in such a common sense manner though finally provided some clarity to my muddled thinking. I'm just glad Lilith has had me steer away from ancestor spirits yet until I've fully worked through the Grimoire Verum with Geosophia and other workings in a similar vein. She's been most insistent, and now that I can see the obvious I am so glad I listen to her. Our progress is slow - she is most insistent that I avoid anything with reference to the christian god and many of the angels. I used to think it was just my over-reaction to the christian upbringing that had me so repressed as a child, but experience has shown the lie to that - she REALLY doesn't like them. Fortunately, she usually has alternatives to provide or direct me to - Like using Liber Pyramidos in place of the christian elements in the Grimoire Verum. It's a big exclusion area, and it makes working with grimoires very difficult, but fortunately there ARE alternatives even if tracking them down is a huge undertaking in itself. However, I think in the light of things like this post is about, Lilith hasn't steered me wrong, time after time she's protected me and I can trust her. Lilith is a very real presence in my life and boy am I glad she is!

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