Thursday, July 7, 2011

Lilith's Pendant

Lilith I have found is quite particular about the quality of all that is made for her and in honor or dedication to her. She is especially so when you are crafting an amulet to her or her living image for your altar and devotional space. Here are some photos when the amulet was new (it's seen daily wear and some not unattractive tarnish now).
Here She is in her sculpting clay close up

Here she is zoomed out with a ruler for scale
Here's Lilith Complete with no enamel
A back view of Lilith
Lilith's pendant complete in all her glory :D

I am very grateful to Janelle Badali Powell for all her very skillful coordination in getting this crafted perfectly. Unfortunately I never learned the name of the artist, but they truly captured Lilith in all her perfection (says one of her boys whose perfectly smitten with her). Anyway let's compare now. For purposes of such here's the Liber Lilith cover:
Now here's her latest offering to her delightful vanity which I love to indulge:
 By the way, the Delightful Anna "Maiya" Young is the particularly skilled artist whom Lilith guided so ably in crafting her likeness. You can find more of her wonderful creations at and number of colaborative works posted to her facebook under bluemaiya. Give her some business folks...she's crazy skilled whether you just want some great scultures or you want a tantric worked vessel such as Lilith. Look for her coming yule miniatures both fairies and goddess lines.

And now, finally on my altar, Lilith enthroned:
Lilith in her place of honor upon my altar
Lilith close-up :-)
Not much substance to this post, but pictures devoted to Lilith are worth a million to find some words worthy of her!

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