Sunday, July 31, 2011

PGM initial impressions

Well I've had a few days to browse through the Greek Magical Papyri (PGM) and I must say with just such a cursory view I'm still already very impressed. While no, it certainly is not an 'UR' grimoire as it's own spells and references to gods and daimons are an utter hodge-podge of Greek, Egyptian, Hebrew, and Assyrian in source - it is instead a priceless look further back than what the grimoires afford us. Here we see the roots of spells such as the various scrying spells, love spells, etc. Here we see the roots of many Hoodoo spells even. To say hoodoo did not borrow liberally itself is complete garbage at this point. What we have now is a framework for the development of our own living traditions. What it will take is very careful study and cross-referencing of other sources with the PGM to put together revitalized spells using the herbs or the necessary substitutions due to extinctions or rarity. It will take communication with these daimons to fill in the holes left by time. I am excited that there is as much preserved as there is. I will be prioritizing utilizing spell structures from the PGM to construct my own contemporary spells with the assistance of my daemons. While I believe the PGM should be worked- nay deserves to be worked with in its own right, my own priorities at this point are enriching existing practices and devotions. Perhaps the greatest contribution the PGM has given me so far is a greater appreciation for the use of verse and prose within spell and ritual. We see a great use of this with the psalms and some grimoires. It is perhaps significant in many ways I have yet to thoroughly process yet. Do the specific rhythm and meter of a verse produce a method of working through the layers of the world in a subtlety I cannot define? I'll be posting more about the PGM as I work through it's not insignificant volume. I hope that this will involve several 'tracks': impressions on individual sections or spells within the text, adopted structure of those spells within new contemporary spells (along with workings with my daemons that make such possible), and finally as a straight working using PGM and Geosophia as the basis for that individual practice.

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