Sunday, July 17, 2011

Spirit Pots and warnings against

Okay so this is my take on the whole thing about warning people off from concepts or bits of occult technology such as spirit pots. I actually appreciate the warnings...yeah I do! Here's why: If I'm unfamiliar with a specific skill, entity, or know I have a particular area I need to polish up in - I like those warning messages that say danger there's a reef up ahead! It doesn't make me stop investigating something - especially if it's not mere curiosity and Lilith has been pointing to go in that direction. Instead, it makes me do more research - I take the task of navigating that much more serious. I take threats of pirates with beefed up gun crews and 24 hr watches. I do the things necessary to keep the vessel of my life safe and free from looting, interference, or shipwreck. Not having that safety net just isn't a good idea. Sure I can learn the hard way - and sometimes warning or not I still learn things the tough, painful way - but my progress is more sure and strong if I don't have to rebuild and reattempt after every unanticipated disaster. Makes sense to me anyways. So keep the warnings coming. I won't stop and I won't back out of dangerous waters but I will so arm myself and go in prepared. I'm in this for the Great Adventure...The Great Work. Whatever you want to phrase the ultimate goal of life as. Life is meant to be lived and experienced and this includes for some of us dangerous, very complex forms of magick. Maybe all of us involved with spirits and the occult are idiots and should be shot on general principles, but heck I've got the fever and it's made something special of this life I never thought could be.

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