Monday, August 15, 2011

Grimoire Verum tools update

Today as the movers came to box up and haul off all my remaining belongings I was thrilled to receive a certain mail delivery I knew was inbound - the ritual knife for my Grimoire Verum workings. Crafted by the esteemed Gary Zahradka of Omega Artworks. Gary took the time to craft in the proper planetary day, hour, and phase of the moon and I think that had a great deal to do with the strength of the knife's energy and presence. The knife sadly is not without defects - yes more than one, so it will probably never be lauded as one of Gary's best efforts - still it turned out more than adequate and with the energy coming off the blade I can tell the spirits are pleased.
Grimoire Verum ritual knife
You can see the whole album by clicking Here. The design and materials were chosen to create a tool which truly resonates with both myself and the spirits with whom I intend to make pacts. It is a powerful working in itself - both myself in purchasing, and the artist in crafting observed strict planetary day/hour/moon phase according to the direction of the True Grimoire. The physical materials were choosen with assistance of the Picatrix and the spirits. The materials utilized were red garnet, red jasper, brass, and silver.

Finial close-up
In the close-up photo above, you can see some of the defects, the bubbled deform of the forehead, face, and the brass discoloration where the silver plating was missed. The rest of the styling of the finial is delightful, especially the pose, the curve of the horns and the lay of the wings. I'd be lying if I said I don't mourn the defects here, but the quality of the piece as a whole is very good, and the all important energy and presence of the tool is excellent.

Hand-grip close-up
Check out the jasper and silver wire wrapped handle - this is the crowning achievement in this piece and no mistake! It's quite simply perfect.
eager to be used ;-)
See how perfectly she lays in the hand? Yes I am extremely pleased, and defects or no I plan to provide Gary repeat business. I can't recommend him enough. He smiths for quite a few well-known grimoiric mages and is worthy of your business too.

Now, on to the graver, and the sacrificial blade...


  1. A beautiful knife to say the least. The "defects" actually give the Lady a more earthy charm. Is it possible she decided to choose the final image herself? It's rather interesting the bubble/opening rests directly in the position of her third open channel perhaps?

  2. The same thought did occur to me. :-) I'm quite delighted. Regardless, it's humans that are typically obsessed with physical perfection - the gods and daemons are not so limited.