Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Moving Day...Part I

So today the movers came to inventory, box or otherwise wrap all my stuff going to Japan. I might add it was so early I didn't even get a chance to shave and embarrassingly I had plenty of dishes still to wash before they could pack them. Fortunately they were all fairly easy going and I didn't get many strange looks for some of my crazy occult things like all the candles, herbs, statues. I did get one comment when I wasn't in the same room that went like this..."He's a white dude, why is he working with Pomba Gira?" If that's the only comment it's not that bad of one. The Liber Lilith statue also got a few great comments (as always) and not a few envious looks. She'll be flying with me carefully stowed in a carry-on bag when the time comes. Anyways, now I am surrounded by boxes of my stuff awaiting pickup either today or tomorrow and it is making me feel very much a guest in my own apartment, almost like I don't belong here anymore. Unfortunately, I'm still quite a ways till my projected flight out (and escape) from 114 degree weather - yeah no kidding it got THAT HOT today. My poor central air is barely maintaining at 80 Degrees! All my wonderful grimoires are also packed which leaves me waiting impatiently for Crossed Keys and Pomba Gira to arrive - excellent reading material indeed. My macbook is what I'm currently working on as it will also be accompanying me on the trip to Japan. No more big surrounding entertainment center for me! A bonus is Netflix is set up on this computer as well now. If I had any complaints it's that I feel bad for my spirits as I have only the smallest and most portable shrine items with me still. They all seem to understand, but I hate putting them on the starvation diet - our morning devotions and offerings were really drawing us together of late and now everything's chaos. Fortunately, I still have my witches ladder for most of my spirits (Pomba Gira excluded) and plan to do meditations and offerings of gathered energy and visualized intent as the ever practical Jason Miller suggests in Strategic Sorcery. His book was so helpful, it ended up lent out to a coworker that had his 'awakening' experience to the wider world of the 'supernatural.' If I don't get it back, It at least doesn't cost $188.88 dollars to get a replacement (as the Liber Lilith paperback is now valued at). I get a huge kick out of that. Some of my Scarlet Imprint books are now worth in the hundreds of if I would ever sell them, but still I'm glad their value increases as any good grimoire should. Well that's about it. I shall return to the slow grinding smelting misery that is Louisiana heat. Maybe I'll get an ice cream...

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