Monday, August 8, 2011

Scarcity and Creativity

As I relax here in my nearly empty apartment, I have come to learn the great value that being cut off from material things and the comforts of home life can bring. The greatest benefit being the free flowing inspiration for my novel writing, unhampered by the distractions of a daily routine and and the entertainment options my belongings provide. Materialism sort of sucks after all I guess, but all things in moderation right? Anything can become a vice. An over-emphasis of removing all material concerns and pleasures blinds me from the true state of the world and my place in it. Likewise, an over indulgence in every material concern would leave me fat, unhappy, and unwell. Can I see the point? Even a "middle path" can suck because it's all to easy to get smug about it. Safest bet? Go with the flow, let the currents carry me to where I need to be at that time in my life. Enjoy my life, forget guilt, and above all, listen to Lilith, my guide, my muse my only and truest friend. We do our best work together. "To Infinity...and Beyond!" -- Yes I just did that, Buzz Lightyear rocks ;-)

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