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Tezrian and initiation into the current of Sammael and Lilith

The daemoness priestess of Battle, of Strife, and of Revenge is Tezrian and in her roles as such I have worked with her. You really can't find much about her on the internet or in print. The little that is revealed about her is barely enough to make contact. She was known to the Armenians as their goddess of war -- As such, she also has a connection to their principle goddess of war, Nane or Nan whom was often equated with Athena. She also has roots in Tsovinar - Also called Nar.  I think it highly possibly that Nar is the most ancient of the Armenian deities, owing to her unique nature as will become clear shortly, and that through the changes in cults Nar became Nan or Nane and thus became a war goddess. In her role as Tsovinar or Nar she was the goddess of rain, sea and water, though she was actually a fiery being who forced rain to fall. With many meteorite impacts, if the object is large enough entering the atmosphere it can create weather and rain. So a goddess that fell from the heavens - sounds familiar does it not? It even can apply to Athena who, "sprang from the forehead of Zeus." The demonolatry crowd has provided this enn to make contact: “Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian.” If you think this means that's all you'll really ever know about her -- you'd be wrong, so very, very wrong. Tezrian is a daemoness that comes to you both swiftly and willingly. She is not shy about making contact, and is even somewhat forgiving for unintended slights (do not piss her off though!). I received a very strong image of her when I first began working with her of a woman with fire colored hair, blue flames for eyes, small devilish horns sprouting from her forehead, and clothed in an open blue robe, a hood upon her head. She literally wore nothing else, and a set of pornstar "Double-D" breasts and sculpted hips teasingly only partially hidden draw the eyes.

A tattoo image of Tezrian created after initation

     There is an obvious current of seduction with Tezrian, though she is no love or lust daemoness, and it reveals a hint of whose progeny she is. She encourages lustful feelings in those that work with her  - as well as any other strongly felt emotions. These emotions she will riot until your addicted to their intensity -- and thus to her presence. Be prepared to infatuated with this daemoness if you want to work with her and get the most out of what a relationship with her brings. Tezrian isn't one who approves of working with her part way. You are either completely obsessed or you just won't get the overwhelming power she has applied to your obstacles and enemies. Sure you can work with her casually, but this a serious heads-up -- she will demand far more from you eventually, and she isn't patient. Lest I be accused of stating only the most extreme and controversial bits to her nature, I should reveal more here of this very intriguing daemoness. 

     Tezrian is very devoted, once you have her attention -- you have it. With this attention she will provide her presence in waking visions, strong emotional presence, heat, and during your dreams. She loves offerings of flame, anything burnt and consumed by the flames in her name is welcome to her. Her favorite stone is bloodstone, though she also enjoys receiving red jasper as well. Dried fruits are acceptable on her altar, preferably anything red or orange. She LOVES lavender as a scent, and will go wild about lavender candles. She also enjoys this incense mix:

Tezrian Incense:
rose petals
galengal root
frankincense resin

The incense recipe is from S. Connolly's, "The Complete Book of Demonolatry." Also from S. Connolly is this Tezrian Plague oil for offering to Tezrian or to use as a base when creating a curse for an enemy. According to the author on her blog, the Tezrian's Plague must be aged sufficiently before use. Here are the ingredients:

Tezrian Plague:
Oleam base
One cup olive juice
1 teaspoon olive oil
musk oil
cypress oil
carnation oil
1/2 cup of alcohol

the oleam base I prefer is as follows:
pure virgin olive oil
celery root
poplar leaves (very difficult to get unless your in northern U.S.)
soot (only when making an anointing salve)
tincture of Benzoin (preservative)
100 proof alcohol can substitute for tincture of Benzoin

I would highly suggest offering the incense daily along with the lavender candles, and if you don't have time to charcoal burn the incense then buy those lavender candles that come in a glass or a tin and when lit and the wax is heated up, sprinkle the incense upon the flame.

    Something quickly becomes apparent when working with Tezrian, she LOVES flames, it is in fact a huge part of her make-up as she is a daemoness of flame, in addition to all her other duties, but this flame is SPECIAL - she is the Keeper of the blue flames of Sammael from whom she inherited them as his daughter. If you work with Tezrian and you have her favor, she will grant you some of her blue flames both to purify you, and to wield against your enemies. Working with her father, Sammael becomes inevitable if you weren't already working with him before. Looking at Sammael's portfolio of responsibilities this makes a great deal of sense. Sammael is an archangel or fallen archangel, or the Arch Prince of Hell (whatever floats your boat) of the sphere of Mars. He rules over strife and war, and poison. Working with both Sammael and Tezrian makes your actions invincible when confronting your opposition or enemies. Care needs to be taken though or you can very easily be overwhelmed by their energy and start thinking yourself a god. From there it can lead to a swift fall and humiliation. This is an easy trap to fall into, and you have to understand that your transformation into a god or goddess of hell cannot be complete without adding her mother, Lilith into the equation and the energy of Lilith. Sammael and Lilith go irresistibly together -- and you will never successfully work with one without working with the other. The daughter leads you to initiation with them both. Once you have been initiated though, your transfiguration becomes possible into - the equal and opposite of god. A very valid initiation is to first work with Tezrian and understand her flames, which will bring you naturally into a relationship and understanding with Sammael. Then once initiation with Sammael has been commenced, an initiation with Lilith (and thus an understanding of Tezrian's seductive nature) can be begun. Mind you this is conjecture on my part. I have not performed these initiations in this order, but it is certainly a valid one, and has the approval of the spirits in question. At some point I feel that this whole initiatory method needs to be refined, built upon, and published into a grimoiric initiatory method, an effort to which I am willing to devote my time to. As I work with Tezrian, I have found that it has revealed certain aspects of Sammael and Lilith that I had taken for granted or missed. It has been a very rewarding experience in fact working with her, and one I look forward to continuing and building upon.

     In working up such an initiatory method, I would I think have several important features:
I. Initial preparations which would include descriptions, sigils, sigil making, preparing the ritual space, and meditations. II. Preparing and dedicating the tools and images, incense, and oils. III. Ritual work: completing the initial conjuring, additional conjuring, devotional ceremonies. IV. Spells, remedies, and devotional working V. Advanced workings: developing spirit vessels, feeding the spirit vessels, invitational rites for the indwelling of the spirit vessels, methods to resolve situations that could occur if the wrong spirit takes of residence before the invitation can be completed or if the invitation is flawed. VI. The path toward becoming the equal and opposite of god, becoming a divine daemonic being.

    And that brings me to my conclusion. There has been a great deal of activity and learning going on in my practice lately, and a great deal to do with it has been the revealing, energizing blue flames of Tezrian that have alternately guided or driven me there -- for her flames are not just for consuming your enemies or obstacles. This is a daemoness well worth your time and devotion. Any mistakes within this blog concerning her are mine alone and no fault of hers. Seek her out and see just how much you've been missing!

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