Saturday, September 3, 2011

First blog entry from Okinawa

Hello dear blog,

Oh how I've missed you! Thirteen hours of flight later + one night's sleep and a day trying to get my bearings have provided much sustenance for thee. Where should I begin?

1 > Aisle seats aren't cool - mainly because it was a pain trying to look past the person beside me + plus the wing surface to try and get my first glimpse of Japan. The tropical storm meant I didn't see anything until we were damn near landing...

2 > The little round forested hills around Yokota Airbase are rather interesting - are they the remnants of ancient volcanoes or something?

3 > Baths are awesome again, and no I don't mean the public baths - just the big giant tubs one gets in the hotels here.

4 > Kadena Airbase is a city unto itself - this is no lie.

5 > If you thought cell phone plans were bad in the States - the plans here...well I'm still puzzled. Also, the iphone is only with Softbank here - and just try getting a decent signal with them - not going to happen. Talk to a Japanese consumer and they all rock Android phones with DoCoMo or AU...and have vastly better signal. Still torn...I have the iphone addiction and uncertainty with iphone 5 is making the decision difficult.

6 > Never EVER think that packing up a fragile item - however bubble wrapped and padded and carefully toted as a carry-on will make the trip safely.

That's it for now. I'll have plenty more later.

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