Thursday, September 15, 2011

Spirits of Okinawa Part II

Above: A great clip about the Uta's of Okinawa. 

Despite my early ambition to continue my posts on Okinawa and their spirit traditions on the same day, life has conspired toward the delay. Sadly I have not had any contact with the local practitioners of these spirit traditions and so far internet searches have been without more concrete results. To pursue this further I'll be attempting to join the Okipagan group on Kadena AB (presuming it still exists). Best case scenario they've already done extensive networking with the Uta's on the island and have that good reputation I wish to build upon. Worst case, they'll prove an insular group and haven't reached out to the wonderful Ryukyu traditions here on Okinawa (yeah I kind-of said that twice Ryukyu being the old word for Okinawa). If the storm dissipates I'll be able to post more progress on this shortly. I'd also like to throw out there on the interwebs that I am looking for a Uta through which I can more profitably make friends with the spirits of place here. That said, I have not failed to have some interesting sights since my arrival here.

The first was while driving my newly acquired 2002 Honda Fit along the perimeter road on Kadena. Right before a curve there is this patch of tall I presume sugar cane grasses on the other side of the 10-12 tall chain-link perimeter fence. Despite my usual inability to see spirits, I clearly saw three what looked to be samurai standing atop the tall grass stalks even swaying with them in the breeze - as if to maintain their balance. Then they leaped toward and as if to go over the fence and vanished from view.  The second incident was while turning out from the NCO Rocker club, I fleetingly saw a German Shepherd and an Japanese? woman on the younger side finish crossing the road just as I was about to turn. The woman looked straight at me and then both dog and woman vanished. The visual impressions were strong in both cases. Perhaps this place agrees with me if I'm having such experiences already?

Disappointingly, it may prove difficult to get into a pottery class to make my own custom shisha pair, but I will definitely try and get into the class anyways. As someone in the grimoiric practice I am quite well aware of how important crafting my own will be rather that solely depending on the mass-produced tourist ones. As my own recent sighting confirm - this is a land filled with spirits. It's only prudent I have some kick-ass guardians/wardings.

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