Sunday, October 2, 2011

Magick Hazmat

Today's post takes a detour from my series on the spirits of Okinawa. It is a warning as well for folks that think imprisoning nasties they can't deal with (such as three hellhounds) propably isn't a good long-term solution - even if your wards are fantastic. Such is the scenario I find myself with. An experienced magician had three hellhounds sent after him, and showing some intelligence opted to take a less head-on approach to dealing with them. He trapped them in a warded pocket dimension in real-time. Then, instead of bringing his deities in to deal with them, the hellhounds were left there.

Fast-forward to the events of yesterday and a nasty and very disruptive spirit moved in to the room where the old okipagan group had held their classes. After Isaiac the shaman dealt with it, that's when everyone realized there was more sealed away within the room. Like trash left in an apartment after moving out, now we the new tenants have the job of cleaning up.

Of course these kinds of supernatural hazard sites are never straightforward or easy and with goddesses involving themselves - it certainly wont be boring. If intuition holds true there's also the great likelihood that said magician just sealed everything nasty away in his 'vault' and its only the strongest spirits being sensed from the outside. Interesting times!

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