Monday, November 14, 2011

Back on the Interwebs

It took awhile, but I'm finally back on the internet after trying to keep up on smartphone and and the occasional visit to cyber cafes. The wait was worth it though, for now I surf on fiber-optic cables! The speed is much better than in the States and that suits me just fine.

Anyhow, despite my absence I have in fact been quite busy with a variety of experiences and projects. Everything will I hope get full treatment here on the blog and I of course intend to continue my "Spirits of Okinawa" series as well. Some of the additional topics will include setting up and maintaining a strong guardian spirits ward such as in Jason Miller's excellent, "Protection & Reversal Magick." Also, my review of Pomba Gira is long overdue, as is a journal of the work began (and the results thereof). My Grimoire Verum work will also be advancing soon, and finally some definite progress will be made in implementing some very useful things indeed in Liber Lilith with an aim towards developing the initiatory path via Lilith and Sammael and the spirits who are with them.  Yes, well let me get started then!

You see, I've been having some difficulties with an entity that has been quite malicious and rude and trespasses when this particular ritual style ward weakens with sunrise and sunset and it got me thinking of how to keep it going, with a battery of sorts of solar and lunar energy. Obviously I should utilize some of the other wards provided in Jason's book, but I have a particular liking to wards dependent upon guardian spirits. So, enter my grand project to keep the wards active and strong - even when the sun has set and I have yet to return home or the opposite circumstance. So I will be posting regular progress on these "battery" backed up wards. And yes before anyone says anything, I'll also be laying down charged powders and other useful wards as well. I'm a firm believer in well layering wards for an optimum defense. Any lack hitherto has been due to the hectic schedule and a severe lack of several very important materials.  Materials have also been in rather short supply in beginning initiation with Pomba Gira except in the most basic of ways.

Pomba Gira, this legion is spirits is pretty fantastic, and I don't just mean impossible to ignore, so captivating they are. No, they are also quite delightful active in demolishing some old ways of thinking that have held me back for years, and begun teaching me both delights and deeper wisdoms, even as I stand at initiation's periphery awaiting those pesky resources and materials to do more. I can't wait to write that review, but perhaps I shall wait just a little longer as soon as I can comment on certain aspects of the initiatory experience. Yet further onward, the Grimoire Verum ever patiently awaits the slow gathering of the tools of the art for which some I will depend yet again on Omega Artworks to supply the graver and sacrificial blade. Moving ever further and deeper into my practice we inevitably reach Lilith.

Liber Lilith has been a bit neglected for too long, Both materials and dietary changes will be sought and notes taken. Those that have waited on me for my own experiences with Liber Lilith will not have to wait much longer. Dovetailing with Liber Lilith, My initiatory practice with Lilith and Sammael has progressed recently, and will I hope continue to do so. I will provide notes toward these experiences and develop them quite soon as well.

Stay tuned, and I sincerely hope there will be many topics of value.

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