Saturday, November 19, 2011

Guardian Spirit Wards

So a few days back I promised this blog an update on how my solar and lunar "battery backup" ward system is progressing and so now without further ado, here are the details:

First off, these are the materials I have ordered or will procure shortly:

   *  5 4"X 4" wooden bases (I went with a board of sandalwood)
   *  5 wooden spindles (birch wood)
   *  5 screws or wooden dowel pins
   *  wood stain (optional)
   *  wood glue (optional)
   *  Wood varnish or other sealant
   *  5 citrines (or other solar aligned gem)
   *  5 moonstones (or other lunar aligned gem)
   *  1 silver bowl (plated if you can't afford better)
   *  1 brass or copper bowl (I went with a brass bowl)
   *  1 gem aligned with each spirit you are using in your warding rites
        I am using Amethyst, Bloodstone, Garnet, Ruby, and Moldavite
   *  Springwater

Next, here is a list of tools required:

   *  Dremel tool with assorted bits
   *  wood saw
   *  sandpaper or sandpaper sponge
   *  wood burning tool with assorted tips

Now we get to work with our hands a little. If you couldn't find pre-cut wooden squares like me, you'll need to break out a saw and cut them to the necessary length. The bases themselves can be bigger or smaller in dimensions, just as long as they fit what's required. So what is required?

The bases will have gathered around the central spindle riser the following: The spirit's sigil, the elemental quarter, and a hollow in which to place the spirit's aligned gem. In the center of the base we will drill a hole through which the screw or the dowel passes to connect the spindle riser.

For the spindles, one end will need to be hollowed by the dremel tool sufficient to place the solar or lunar charged gem. The placement of which one, depends upon whether you perform the protection rite* in the morning or in the evening before you leave your house. If performed in the morning, you would add the lunar gem to the top of the riser that day, so that the protection would continue past the sunset. Naturally, if you performed in the evening you would add the solar gem so that the protection would last past sunrise. The value of these charged gems to these guardian wards is in the charges durability. In my best estimate, their charge might last for several days - enough to last through a short vacation!

Next, we will need to assemble base + spindle riser. Once the assembly is complete, you'll be breaking out the wood burning gun. Before you start burning though, make sure you have etched out what you will be burning in pencil - you generally can't fix a mistake when you are wood burning!

Now, once the burning is complete, sand down everything and get rid of any spinters, rough edges or overly scorched wood surface. That complete, you can stain the wood to the desired shade, and seal.

That completes the steps for assembly. The silver bowl and spring water is for charging the moonstones, and the brass bowl and spring water is for charging the citrines. Use your favorite method. As soon as materials have arrived I will post the steps and photos with tweaks as needed. I will do the same for the charging of the solar and lunar gems.

*The protection rite I use is one modified for use with my own spirits, but is nonetheless owing much thanks to Jason Miller's excellent, "Protection & Reversal Magick." Specifically, "The Sphere of Hekas" pages 46-53.

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