Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The long awaited exiles are coming home...

A very long time ago I requested of Jeff Cullen a Lilith statue and a Pomba Gira statue. Well due to certain difficulties at the post office where they were to be dispatched to me...they stayed there and waited...and waited...and waited some more. Now at last here are some photos of them I can share while I wait on their delivery.

Meet Lilith...again!

And here is her traveling companion, Pomba Gira!

May they travel safely...and with irresistible speed!


  1. I liked both. This is the second reference about Lilith and Pomba Gira. In "The Red Goddess", Peter Grey have put this amazing divine females toghether with Babalon. What you think about that?

  2. I think they are all part of the same current. They both work in similar spaces, but their goals differ. Peter Grey was pretty specific that they were not Babalon but that one could initiate with Babalon by seeking these other goddesses out. Working with Pomba Gira and Lilith in such a manner has them step into the role of initiators where they lead you to the Goddess Babalon. Babalon can also be seen as a role or title for these spirits, so i.e. "I call upon you Great Lilith, thou who are called the Priestess of Babalon, come thou and initiate me into these sacred mysteries." Lilith then takes you at your word, see reaches out and reach in deep into your most occult recesses of your being, bringing those things out into everyday self, integrating with, and evolving you into a being that is worthy of her notice and regard - she makes daemonic consorts of those that can accept these darker parts of themselves. The knowledge that you gain is priceless besides seeing your spirituality and sexuality integrate into a whole as it should be.

    Pomba Gira on the other hand is going to seek to better you at any cost. She may be a Legion of Underworld spirits, but she will use your sexuality to guide an evolve you into a better being. She will warp and shift your desires to suite this end. It's an uncomfortable process if you go in with preconceptions of how awesome and god-like you are.