Sunday, November 27, 2011

Guardian Spirit Wards Part II

Things are coming together for the guardian wards with their solar and lunar energy back-ups.  Most of the materials are here so here are some photos:

Brass bowl and citrines for solar charging w/ silver bowl and moonstones for lunar charging
Tezrian's Altar with dedicated bloodstones

Tezrian's altar with image not washed out by the flash
Ashtaroth's Altar
Ashtaroth's offerings with dedicated garnets
Gylou's altar with dedicated ruby marble
Eisheth Zenunim's altar with dedicated amethyst - she'll hopefully be getting an image soon
Lilith's new altar
Lilith's altar with good lighting
Lilith's altar with dedicated moldavites
You may notice that these spirits are typically not those you general utilize as guardians - with the possible exception of Tezrian and Gylou. Ashtaroth is a very powerful spirit indeed, and it might even seem cheeky to ask this powerful goddess to be a guardian spirit. Eisheth Zenunim might also seem an odd choice with her realm of influence being said to be the patron demoness of prostitution. Well there is explanation for such decisions. The first and only really important reason to chose these spirits as guardians is that they advanced themselves for the role - I'm definitely not going to tell a powerful goddess or daemoness 'no.' Secondly, a relationship with these spirits is already well established with daily devotional work and offerings. Third, the demons always get the bad press. Eisheth Zenunim is powerful spirit of the element of air for example. A priestess of the old school - very much in the same vein as Ishtar's priestesses and the concept of the holy prostitute who initiated men into the mysteries of the goddess. She is also a ready aid and knowledgeable in the art of sorcery. Gylou is also is hardly a ghoul who devours children, but one who is a dark mother who shelters them back into eternity, and defends the living. She is of the earth and of the night. A powerful defender and a drinker of blood like Kali. Point is, don't stereotype or limit your spirits. They want to be of use, and it's your duty to listen to them and accept their aid and counsel - instead of boxing them in to a predefined role in your mind. Female spirits often get some really terrible reputations and heavily maligned simply for being female. It's like treated your female coworkers like a slut - they hate it (and will probably hit you with a well deserved sexual harassment suit) and so do the spirits who will definitely have infinitely more uncomfortable ways to teach you to offer them respect. While they can and do play the seductress very well, they are damn well going to do so on their terms!

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