Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cycle 8 SS

So with me playing the waiting game, as my projects slowly get to where they need to, the time seemed right to jump into the latest cycle of the Strategic Sorcery course. I am no stranger to Jason Miller's books or his excellent blog posts, but I felt the year course would fill in some holes in my personal practice. I am largely self taught, and such a method, while valid can lead to doing things the hard way. So while there is time before the next Act of my Grimoire Verum workings begins, it's time to get things polished up and readied to where they need to be. No 'fucking about' here! So yet another blog subject will be common here, perhaps the most common as I work through the course work. Granted I won't be posting the actual course work and if I'm straying there I'm sure folks that follow my blog will let me know (if not Jason). I am excited to begin, though I am sure there will be many humbling moments where I thought I was doing something right, and it just isn't up to inspection. So I'm getting on the trainee gear, and gearing up for this year-long BMT (Basic Magical Training).  Wish me well!

Apologies to this blog and blog followers. I'll be making every effort to add a blog entry along with each week's homework, and there will be blog entries forthcoming over the next few months as the projects I've begun such as the Spirits of Okinawa series, Liber Lilith series, and Grimoire Verum reach their next natural phases. You'll also see some cool updates of various altars, as I get the shrines fully in order of the many spirits I work with, and of course you will see Pomba Gira's tronceira through it's various stages of construction. It's shaping up to be a very busy year!

~The Valeyard

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