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The Polite way to court Lilith's favor

Lilith's travel altar*

HiddenScience and I have been having an excellent dialog about chthonic spirits, demonized spirits most occultist won't touch because of nothing more than the church's bad press releases about them. In particular this discussion has led to Lilith. So how does one approach Lilith without becoming 'dinner?' If you like being supper or really any kind of meal for spirits, feel free to ignore this blog post completely. If however you have higher aspirations then take heed!

 HiddenScience writes, "I do have one question however that cannot be clarified no matter how much research I do. - What is the relationship between Daemonic spirits and humanity? With so many conflicting views on the matter, I was wondering if you could clear it up due to your experience? For example, according to Liber Lilith, she drains her lovers. Is this true or does she do this only to those who disrespect her? Would this be the same as well for the the other spirits you work with too?"

I answered as follows:

The questions are difficult ones to answer, but this is what I've gathered from my own experiences. For the first, the relationship between the Daemonic spirits and humanity. I would point back to my post about Chthonic spirits and to the famous, "The Comte De Gabalis." These daemonic spirits are the same as the daemon or daimons (means replete with knowledge) of the Greeks and similar to the lares of Ancient Rome and bearing sharp similarities to the departed ancestor di manes. Beings existent between man and gods, some in their own right worshiped as gods. They are spirits with ties to the air, the earth, to water, and to fire. As such they can often being confused with the elementals which Gabalis speaks of. They are however of a higher order and dispatch elementals at will to do their bidding. Are they evil as Gabalis claims the devils to be? No more than humans are. Some are certainly hostile to humanity, but this is true of many classes of spirits. 

A daemon's efforts looking at records is usually bent toward the evolution of those that work with them. They are beings that purposely stay in this middle state to act as guides and companions to those on the journey to the divine. Therefore Lilith is not so strange when looked at in this light. She is however rapidly advancing to a true goddess state, and if I am any judge she will soon eclipse many of the premiere goddesses in followers and power, even as several of these begin to fall closer into the more daemonic realms from the heavenly heights. It is strange and wonderful to see the 'handmaiden of Inanna' coming into her own in this sudden modern bloom of her power.

Now of Lilith in particular. Liber Lilith has the right of it. She does indeed drain her lovers. The offering of their bodies to her in a spirit-sexual union is part of the act of offering. It need not be feared. This draining is never more than her lovers can spare, though a lover can become easily obsessed and continue despite her own warnings to rest and restore themselves. This was the end of the aspiring lover in Liber Lilith. One who became obsessed. 

This difficulty arises because a union with Lilith is several orders of magnitude greater than that with a woman of flesh and blood. Having experienced both I can say this with some authority ;) A dangerous obsession is to be avoided however, as the bonds to the lover's own flesh will begin to break down. Their spirit will grow strong and will ceaselessly long to return to Lilith. 

From this one can gather than a union with Lilith radically evolves and strengthens the spirit at expense of the body. If the lover is well balanced in spirit, sound of mind, and strong in body then the relationship is not dangerous but beneficial, yet all things in moderation! Obsessions generally result in those weak in mind or body who naturally already overemphasis the spirit. Also those who overemphasize the body. Lilith should only be approached by the healthy individual. 

Still, there is some room for error as the pure minded aspirant to be Lilith's lover will be taught and strengthened by Her, evolved into a more perfect and whole being who can then truly thrive in a relationship with her. Those that are rude or who approach with twisted, malicious, and cruel beings will get no such service from her. These are her prey and should fear greatly, but her allure is such that they cannot resist her charms. 

In the end, yes Lilith is deadly, but she is kind to those who approach her in good faith. If one should seek Lilith I would advise that they should also seek to achieve knowledge and conversation of their HGA, be physically active, and be of sound judgment in most things. Do this and your feet will stand firmly upon the depths of the Underworld and your crown shall exist amongst the gods. Achievement of personal godhood in essence. Lilith's pull is so strong however you had best not have any objections of becoming a god of the Underworld.

HiddenScience then responds:

"It seems if I want to know more, I have to do a review of Comte De Gabalis before asking any more questions of this nature.

The other thing I know I cannot find is calling upon Lilith for other purposes beyond what she is known for.

I did a bit of reading on her background and I've noticed she has been around for quite some time and been a part of many cultures, thus knows many languages and thus may be able to be able be a muse for those who wish to learn poetry (and various other forms of wordsmithing) and a guide for those who want to perfect their craft.

I know in various traditions that some recommend saying different prayers and using different rituals for different things when petitioning a deity and some recommend approaching them the same way no matter what. Which method does Lilith prefer potential devotees to use? If the former, then I kindly request advice in the matter for thats outside her known domain (despite how accurate or inaccurate that common perception of her is).
If it is the later, then I guess your advice on courting her which be the approach to follow."
 To which I reply:

There is an excellent translation in Hadean Press' "Conjure Codex."

Until reading Comte De Gabalis I had never realized that working with elemental spirits could be so rewarding. I am of a natural inclination to seek out the dark goddesses and the prowling 'demoness,' and have worked extensively with them so that I am extremely familiar with their temperaments, likes, and dislikes. There are so many similarities it was truly an insightful read - even with the christian dogma thrown in.

As for Lilith acting outside what she is typically known for, the answer is a firm yes. She often acts as my muse when I write, and has helped me in many artistic projects. The important thing to remember when working with any spirit is to realize that they truly are independent beings and as such they have many varied skills they have mastered over their long existence and don't like being limited to their specific 'spheres of influence.' Even if they aren't the chief power over a specific thing you have need of help in, they will gladly help and quite proficiently so that you have no complaint - as long as you have the relationship. The relationship is the key.

To court Lilith's attentions the offerings in Liber Lilith are quite acceptable. She loves the daily offering of milk, red wine, and fruit. I have also offered her novelty wines like strawberry white wine and the like. Rose water is also a fine offering to make, or at a stretch purified water. Anything sweet she loves, confections, and things like Turkish delight. 

Come before her freshly washed, with no scents about you, avoiding strongly scented soaps. Herbal baths if it is dried herbs added to the water - specifically rose petals and lavender blossoms are particularly liked and put both mind and body in a relaxed, receptive state. Wear clean linens or nothing before her altar. If you wear linens let them be either black or red or both as you may prefer or as Lilith may direct you. The linens should never be worn twice before her. They should always be freshly laundered with no detergents and washed/dried with nothing else. If you can line dry them, this is best. 

The offering ritual in Liber Lilith is perfectly acceptable as are many of the poems, verses and songs therein. Eventually you should come to a place where the words flow naturally and originally from your lips and this she likes best of all in tribute and devotion. Meditate before her statue or image. I have found she likes the Liber Lilith image of herself a great deal, and so all the objects of the Art and Images of Herself have drawn upon this preferred image. I have blogged about these images and provided links to the artists in question so they are available to do more commissions upon request.

Here is the link for Jeff Cullen Artistry:
Here is the link for Maiya the artist who did the beautiful image that graces this blog:
Maiya besides being a fantastic but struggling artist, she is a long-time comic book fan, dedicated occultist, And  if that wasn't enough, she is a close personal friend of author, Neil Gaiman. Okay, fan-boy geek out.

When meditating I have often used the demonic enn, "Renich viasa avage lillith lirach" to great effect. Repeated over and over as a mantra, letting the words roll out of your mouth with each basin style breath, repeated until her presence feels near, then recite, Decendat Columba! Lilith! seeing and feeling her heavenly white winged form come down and alight within the Image. The recite, Ascendat serpens! Lilith! seeing her Chthonic horned form rise up surrounded by her flames from the depths. She will be there before you in all her splendor. Gaze into her eyes and you will see reflected the mysteries ad infinitum.

Courting Lilith in such a way is what I have done. If you wish, the sexual rites of Liber Lilith can also be utilized, but if you have no such desire, omitting them will do no harm, nor will she demand them. However, if you find yourself drawn into her cult, you will inevitably find yourself partaking of these other rites as well.

* Notice the white object between the goblet and the ceramic plate? That's an offering of a mint the cleaning lady offered. Lilith was very pleased so it remains.


  1. Is this ritual ok for any body (including those completely new to magic) or does one have to master some basics before hand?

    If the latter, what would those basics be?

    You also mentioned it would be best to form a relationship first. Is it ok with the first rituals to meditate upon her to ask of a request as long the desire behind the request is if once granted, will help deeper the relationship?

    For example, what if I don't have money or the skills to make an image for her? Is it ok when pursuing her while attempting to establish contact to focus on the intent for Her to grant such a request?

    About angels and other spirits.
    Is she ok with you working with them, once an relationship is established? Or once you pick a side, the other is closed off to you? Is she a jealous Goddess? I guess the better question to ask is what doors close and what doors open once deep devotion begins?

    Actually, what various things people may have heard of her are true? False? Or True but not in the way people think?

    And for those who have very little (money, space, or materiel for whatever reason) to use in courting her, what would be the simplest
    ritual to establish contact with her?

    And I don't mind if you publish my name. Any one who reads this blog and goes through the comments will figure it out.

    However, if I were to set up and get started, and send pictures to you, I'd like to send them through email.

    1. A few basics are a good idea. The single best 'basic' there is would be meditation and breathing techniques. I would recommend, "The Sorcerer's Secrets" by Jason Miller. You can get the book on Amazon either paperback or ebook. Really condensing it down, taken a deep breath through your nostrils till it distends the belly, hold then release, rinse and repeat. Now to meditate focus on that breathing nothing else, let all thoughts drift by, don't chase them by indulging in them or thinking on them further, and don't worry if you keep messing up. It's a discipline that takes practice. Eventually your mind will naturally drift into a meditative state and you'll be in a receptive state to communicate with the spirit you wish to contact. focus on your intent and you'll be fine. Also, your image can be as simple as a printed photo from the internet that you want to be the spirit's image, and you can make that photo into part of the request for the real thing.

      Lilith is fine working with her followers, lovers working with other spirits, in fact she will usually bring other spirits to you to aid in your development. She is not jealous in that way. She is somewhat antagonistic to angels or such I have personally found her to be, so be cautious when dealing with angels if you want to work with Lilith. However, this would not rule out working with angels, just be smart about it - i.e. maybe don't try to do a ritual calling on Lilith and Michael both!

      Lilith can grow jealous, but she is not overbearing about it. She does however make her feelings known. She can do a lot to hurt someone who does not come respectfully or thinks they can command Lilith like their own personal slave girl. She hates that and will be quite vengeful which is where the stories come from - from the idiots that pissed her off and somehow survived to spread the tales so other idiots aren't inclined to approach her.

      Offerings are fine as a first step, in request for what you need in order to do x,y,z for said spirit.

      The simplest ritual to contact her is one that comes from the heart, and best of all in your own words. If the offering is purely offered and only offered to her, not just leftovers scrapped off a plate she will approach you with love. She is very devoted to those who come to her as they are and without pretending to be other than they are. You don't have to be rich to work with her, just do what you can within your means. As you are able and benefit from her devotion, you can save what you can to get her nicer things, to which she will respond with even greater devotion and shower you with opportunities in life both large and small. Recognize those opportunities and you will do very well indeed.

  2. If you are just too intimidated by Lilith, Tezrian is a good initiator who can teach you and guide you, until you feel ready to approach Lilith. She is very easy to work with a very lovely and understanding being, who nonetheless can be terrifying when sent against your enemies for one of her domains is that of revenge and wrath. I think that's why she's so soothing is because she prefers to point the way to other possibilities before she considers allowing you to unleash her fury. I have quite a few details about her in my blog entries, but if you require more, I will be happy to do a new entry providing a compiled through entry about approaching her as well along with whatever details I've missed posting before.

  3. Thank you. I ask not because all these questions apply to me, but because it may be something others may wonder about.

    For example, about the image and wine. Some readers may be underage and live with parents who may not exactly be hip to the idea, or live with roommates who are not keen about it either.

    1. Understandable and fairly easy to work around. Instead of wine, grape juice does well. Instead of a big image, a small photo holder with a cover against prying or disapproving eyes. The spirits are flexible with what the would be follower or lover is able to do. I have commissioned a 3" version of the "Lilith of the Pit" which is pictured in the photo above in the 8" size. The reason for this is so that I can travel easier with an image as I travel a lot with my work, and sometimes to countries that might object if it were found, so hence a small version I can secret away into my pro gear.

  4. As for being intimidated. No, not really.

    1. Didn't figure, but I put the option out there. The two spirits work very well together, and they presented that style initiation which I blogged about earlier so heck another mention didn't hurt ;)

  5. "I think that's why she's so soothing is because she prefers to point the way to other possibilities before she considers allowing you to unleash her fury"

    Wait, this means she can teach how to deal with difficult people in a more gentle manner?
    Like say you got a friend who got cancer but still won't quit smoking, and telling him to stop for his own good only get into fights? Or are you referring to just enemies and threats only?

    1. Absolutely! She excels at this. From her roots this can be clearly illustrated in her elemental attributes. She is of fire, but she is fire IN water. Water soothes even as Fire agitates. This strange combination allows her to advice with wisdom and calm before taking a more aggressive or violent action. She is in fact so kind, and gentle when approached politely that the author of the blog, "The Mystery of Lilith/Succubus/Incubus" @ has taken to calling her an angelic being, and my girlfriend took one look at her and said isn't she the Madonna? My own experiences say no to this but there are similarities. Tezrian definitely provides healing, particularly to emotions and to those with strong emotional trauma. She is also quite helpful in beginning healthy dialog between two quarreling parties. All in all she is a fantastic spirit to work with.

    2. Fire in Water?

      I'm looking in my reference book (studying astrology) and it lists the following:

      Cancer 18 Cardinal Water Fire of Water Rain

      No idea what 18 means, but the rest is
      Quadruplicities, triplicities, sub element, image of zodiac

      The Complete Magician's Tables
      By Skinner (pg 109)

    3. 18 probably refers to the degree. As for the Fire in Water refers to this:

      She also has roots in Tsovinar - Also called Nar. I think it highly possibly that Nar is the most ancient of the Armenian deities, owing to her unique nature as will become clear shortly, and that through the changes in cults Nar became Nan or Nane and thus became a war goddess. In her role as Tsovinar or Nar she was the goddess of rain, sea and water, though she was actually a fiery being who forced rain to fall. With many meteorite impacts, if the object is large enough entering the atmosphere it can create weather and rain

      I believe that Tsovinar is the uncorrupted name of Tezrian. Tsovinar is one of the most unique goddesses I've ever seen in old mythologies and holds all sorts of interesting possibilities.

    4. I'm not sure. It just seems to fit the description exactly to me. Could be something to look into.

      As for degrees, could you explain? I been trying to figure this out for weeks and I can't seem to figure it out.

      To give you a list of what I been using, I have:

      The Complete Magicians Tables
      The Only Way To Learn Astrology
      The Chicken Qabalah
      Tarot and Astrology
      Secret Language of Astrology
      Qabalistic Tarot
      Chart Interpretation Handbook
      Astrology for Beginners

      If you are wondering what I am trying to accomplish, I'm trying to figure out what ties the astrological correspondences together in The Minor Arcana for each card.

      Whats a good reference?

    5. Astrology is not one of my strengths, but I do have the basics of the basics down. The 12 zodiac symbols make a 360 degree arc in the chart. Each are evenly divided in the number of degrees they take up in this wheel of the year. That's where your degrees and minutes come from. In general I know just enough to be dangerous. I have read recently that the minor arcana derived originally from the gambling game, not from an occult source at all. Paul Huson in his book, "Origins of the Mystical Tarot" is said to make a good case that the meanings of the minor arcana cards were drawn from the Picitrix famous for it's astrological magick. Point of fact I have just recently ordered books 3 ad 4 of the Picitrix, and eagerly await addressing my deficiencies in Astrology by going to the ancient grimoiric source. Sadly books 1 and 2 are financially out of reach at the moment, at least in the format I wish to own them in, but I have in the past referenced them online. If your interest is primarily astrology check out this website: they have some really fantastic stuff there I have only just begun to investigate.

    6. If you need a copy, and a pdf will do,
      Please donate.

      For every thing else?


  6. Now I am not very advanced in spirit work (or a whole lot of things). Remember your advice on how to confirm (or deny) the validity of a spirit's identity?
    A lot of that I am not capable of yet or lacks the means (such as grimoires and other such reference material.) To make up for that, I ask some friends to work with her on my behalf (since she is not very well known) as an oracle (or go between).

    What I did was offer the advice similar to what you mentioned here and showed them the picture you have of her (the tattoo) as a focal point. Sigil and all.

    It seems she doesn't mind if I work with her. However, according to my friend, she gave me a different sigil. I'm not sure what to make of it. I'm also getting the feeling I need to ask you for advice concerning Tezrian.

  7. Here is the information I gave him:

    Draw the sigil on a mirror (or on a terra cotta colored clay disk made by you)
    with intent of courting her and inviting her into your life.

    Focus on the sigil and while doing so, visualize a woman with fire
    colored hair, blue flames for eyes, small devilish horns sprouting
    from her forehead, and clothed in an open blue robe, a hood upon her
    head, with large breasts (about double DD) with intent of inviting her
    into your life, as you would a queen.

    Burn lavender scented candles and red jasper,
    and if desired any thing red or orange.

    1. No complaints here, I would have added the demonic enn for Tezrian should be recited along with the rest until her presence is felt. The enn is as follows: "Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian"

  8. The sigil. I'm deleting this once you see it. I apologize if I cause offense.

    1. The sigil seems to be valid. I have performed a summoning with the enn, brief meditation and the sigil in question. the three pointed trident speaks of her infernal alignment similar to the Pomba Gira legions. the serpent rising speaks of her Chthonic nature. The lamp in the center speaks of her fiery nature which brings enlightenment, self-discovery and knowledge. The star to the left her relationship to the Morning Star which hints at a connection to both Lucifer and Venus. The lightning bolt at the base reflecting the power of the heavens grounded by the Underworld. The bolt in it's lower position also relates that her judgement and wrath is of the Underworld and not the heavens. It also relates to the similarities between Tezrian and the goddess Athena and her origin from Zeus. The inverted cross her nature in opposition to christianity aligned spirits. The crossed out arrows on either side speaks to her realm as being fixed between the Underworld and the Heavens. The Runes is her name itself.

      I wouldn't be alarmed at the different sigil showing up. Lilith possesses many sigils and all of them call upon her. If you want to be absolutely sure you are working with the same spirit. Call the spirit with the original sigil, then thank and dismiss and call again with the new sigil. In each session question the spirit that appears if necessary. You should be able to feel and/or see the spirit and whether it is the same spirit thus conjured.

      When you conjure you should first meditate and center yourself imagining yourself as the center of the universe then imagine a beam or a bolt of pure light falling down upon your head and proceeding completely through you into the ground, once visualized firmly declare Decendat Columba! IAO
      Follow with imagining a red energy breaking it's way through from the center of the earth and rising up through your body and rising up to the heavens. Once firmly in your mind declare Ascendat Serpens! IAO. Draw a circle around yourself and declare, This space is now sacred and divine. Call then upon the spirit and ask that it appear before you on the edge of the circle or within a scrying mirror as is your preference. When you are ready to dismiss say, NAME, thank you for heeding my call, as you came in power so depart with peace between me and thee. This method will add a level of formality and grant you the authority of the Creator. The more relaxed method does not and some spirits feel comfortable lying or misleading without that authority present. Generally my experience has been positive with both methods, but the method just stated is probably the safest (of which their are many variations of). It is very similar to the method in the Sorcerer's Secrets. Again I would recommend.

      One question, did the spirit that appeared to your experimenter, appear as described or were there subtle or distinct differences? This in fact may not matter a whole lot as spirits will portray themselves differently to people as that person's personal tastes color their perceptions of the spirit.

  9. The experimenter doesn't mind me sharing the info, yet is a private person. If you don't mind me contacting you through email, I recommend making an anonymous at the following if privacy is a concern.

    1. That's perfectly fine. I can understand privacy concerns. email contact is fine.

  10. Image has been deleted.

    If you need a copy, I still have one.

    1. I made a copy, I'm good. I'll try to do some more work with it as time permits.

  11. Replies
    1. haven't seen anything yet. Let me try to add a contact me option. Thought I had one set up, but looking for it I can't seem to find it.

  12. Neither did I. I figured your blog name was the same as your gmail account.

    Guessing not?

    1. nope, try the new wigit on the side with the message option. Dunno if it will work right, but it's there.

    2. Getting rid of that stupid wigit, look in my profile, there is a new email link with which you may contact me.

  13. hi, i found your blog by accident. i've been in a relationship with a daughter of Lilith for some time now. and she had introduced me to her mother and queen two years ago. after i performed a ritual based on the book sexual alchemy by donald tyson. and it was fantastic!.
    because of my experience. i purchased a statue of Lilith based on the artifact known as the burney relief. and became a student of shamanism.
    again it is good to find another who has been touched by Lilith. either by her. or her daughters (which was in the beginning my case).
    dark blessings,

  14. Always glad for more readership, though I don't really believe in accidents. The spirits always seem to have a hand in things like that! I am also familiar with the book, "Sexual Alchemy" by Donald Tyson. While I don't own a copy of that particular book I have read some of it online, and it's sister book, "Liber Lilith" - also by Tyson is an able guide as well (which I do own). There's a lot will Lilith and her daughters as well as her court going on here at this blog. Glad you found me, and may Lilith's favor ever surround and enfold you between her wings.

  15. Reading parts of this discussion reminded me of a song devoted to Lilith that I came across a while back. It's titled "Sweet Lilith of My Dreams" with the following lyrics,

    "She was the only one who filled my heart
    Sweet Lilith of my dreams
    Forever lost
    The fallen idol for the impure hearts

    Into blazing fire and thunder
    I went and followed her
    The dire memories in my heart
    They will never be dissolved

    Condemned to repeat the past
    Deja-vu’s of things to come
    My life is only a vicious circle
    It’s ending where it just begins

    She spoke by two tongues
    One for those she loved
    Another for the ones she used
    For those who dare not look her in the eye"

    I hope some find this useful...

  16. Sorry for the long delay... The artist is "Eternal Tears of Sorrow". It's a song, although I did not really like the way it was sung. (too grunge for my taste) The lyrics were pretty poetic and had a deep and profound meaning.


    1. thanks I'll look them up. The delay is fine, I've been often absent of late. I am fortunate to have some leave time though and a change of jobs that may allow for a great deal more focus on my practice. Be well friend.

  17. I would love to know where I can obtain the statue shown above. Any help would be greatly appreciated. xo

    1. The Statue at the top of this post was made by Jeff Cullen of "Jeff Cullen Artistry" he is also the co-owner of The Vodou Store, based in Chicago.
      Hope these contact options help. He is extremely backlogged with orders and ceased taking new orders for two years, but he may be close to opening up orders again. for an alternative, check out this guy too...
      Troy Chambers at

      both will probably take several years to make your order, but they are worth it!