Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Summoning Tezrian

This summoning was adapted in part, most in template only of Jason Miller's Bune summoning in his book, "Sorcerer's Secrets."

Draw the sigil or the seal of Tezrian. Here I will post the newly given seal as I have confirmed twice with Tezrian that it is a valid seal.
Draw this on a thick parchment if you've got it, and hang around your neck, with the string long enough to be able to gaze upon the the seal. If you want a more permanent seal, etch or paint the sigil or seal upon a copper or a ceramic disk of suitable size with a hole to allow to hang by a brass chain around the neck. If you wish more inscribe sigil on one side of the disk and the seal on the other.

Now, once the seal is made, hold it in front of your eyes, and banish the area and consecrate a circle on the ground by tracing a circle about you with wand or finger. When you do this speak and declare:

Gyrum Carpo! (This means that you take and seize the circle)
Consecro et Benedico istum circulum (Meaning that you consecrate and bless this circle)
Per nomina dei attisimi IAO (You do this in the name of the creator force or god IAO)

Now you burn incense as an offering and to provide a means for Tezrian to take the smoke and make a form or body for herself. If you don't have incense you can still proceed but please offer something she would find a fitting tribute! Only downside is she will have less available or worse nothing at all in which to take a semi-physical form so you'll need to astral gaze to see her when you feel her presence arrive.

Next, Look upon the seal of Tezrian and conjure her with the following:


I Call upon thee with all my heart, here me Tezrian and come to me in form and manner I find pleasing.

I call to thee with thy daemonic enn's:
      Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian
      Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian
      Ezyr ramec ganen Tezrian

By your names: Tezrian, Tsovinar, and Nar I call to thee!

Here me and come to me. I call thee in the name of the creator IAO

Come forth from thy dwelling and appear at the edge of my circle.

By the spheres of Saturn and the Moon I call and conjure thee.

By the power of Lilith and Sammael, I stir and summon thee.

By your name Tezrian, come in your power over war and love!

By your name Tsovinar, come in your power over fire and water, and let your rains fall down!

By your most ancient name of Nar, come in all your power, bring with you all of your elemental might!

Come forth and offer me aid and counsel. Set yourself and those spirits subject unto you to work for me and I shall glorify thy name and make your deeds known.

After she has come, and done as thy requested, thank her for attending the rite. As she came in power, may she go forth in peace. Let her stay or go as she pleases. Only let her be ready to come again should you call. In the name of IAO, the temple is closed and the circle dismissed.


  1. Tezrian has elemental spirits that are subject to her authority though I have not asked yet that these be named. They can be successfully worked with and even called. Perform the summoning of Tezrian I have just posted. If at all possible use the incense mix I provided August of last year in my Tezrian post. Once Tezrian has arrived, ask her permission to work with the types of elementals she has authority over, and ask that she name one or several and provide the means of summoning, directing, and banishing said elemental. Ask also if she would at once bring these several before you so that you might speak with them and know them.

  2. How about Tobacco burned as an offering instead of incense?
    (in leaf form)

    1. I wouldn't until you check with Tezrian and assess her interest in it as an offering and incense. You can use something simple like Frankincense until Tezrian says one way or another.