Monday, January 30, 2012

Tezrian's Shrine

Tezrian's Shrine. The image is a fire elemental statue repainted according to Tezrian's direction.
Seeing as how Tezrian is getting a heck of a lot of interest, here is a picture of my personal shrine to her. Upon the shrine is the incense mix I described in a previous post, a small shot glass within which I place offerings of spirits to her, and bloodstones. There is also an irish "luck piece." A fire aligned perfume is also upon the altar. As the topic gathers more steam and more consensus with those working with her, I will be doing a fresh, new and thorough blog post about Tezrian, how to work with her, and hopefully the experiences of the brave few who have already begun working with her, etc.

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  1. Here is a picture of my starting altar to Her:

    What it is a candle/incense holder with her seal on it. Light the candle and incense as an offering and focus on the sigil, with intent of drawing her near.

    Do you happen to have a drawing of her or another picture just as good as the one as your tattoo?