Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This Blog is branching out

     This may be news to my blog readers, but I am attempting to become an author of fiction. So far I find my genre is horror, science-fiction, and fantasy. While I have steadily been writing book drafts for several years now, thanks to iBooks Author, I finally have a professional grade tool for book publishing - and I got it for free. It's a great opportunity to see a book come together, formatted in how it will eventually be read, instead of the tired word processor view. It is also easier to dig in and reference particular chapters quickly, edit/delete those chapters, and publish it for easy of proof readers everywhere.

     Therefore, I've been busy transferring my current title, "Survivors of the Lilithids" into the format, and it is going fairly well except for a few irritations with how the text boxes do not always connect to the next page, particularly the title pages. Oh well, I can deal. Look for links in the future to iBooks where you'll be able to see my rough drafts as they develop. I am excited to finally offer this opportunity, from the comfort of an actual e-reader. There is a similar opportunity with Amazon, and as I have the time permitting I will investigate that as well.

     In case you really are interested. The novel is about a new colony, very Earth-like (at best only colonized for sixty years), which suffers yet another invasion of a species even more invasive than the humans. A young Kyfling female, and three young teens who know about the Kyflings - the original inhabitants, must gain their cooperation and the cooperation of the adults if anyone has a chance of surviving.

      That's probably the worst introduction ever, but I'm busy writing the good stuff - okay maybe not since I'm grinding away at necessary chapters, not the fun ones. I make no promises how soon the first draft will be out, but I am definitely enjoying writing this one!

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