Friday, January 27, 2012

Witchcraft gone bad

Sex trafficking victims reveal horror of witchcraft and torture being used to enslave women in Scotland

The link above leads to a truly horrifying article about the human trafficers utilizing witchcraft as a means of controlling these modern day sex slaves. What self-respecting practitioner of magic would do such a thing? Are people like that really hiding within our community? What steps can we take to root out practitioners who would stoop to such depravity? If they are pretenders alone it is bad enough. It's an abuse of power and an intentional act of torment directed at an innocent. I'm not gullible enough to believe that people don't abuse every means available to them, but it's all the same a bit shocking to discover these modern day slave traders have begun utilizing magic to ensure their slaves are adequately submissive. I don't have any problem causing torment against someone who really deserves it (like these slave traders), be nice if they got a nice unexpected delivery of terror. Undoubtedly, they probably know what they are doing, and are rolling with some particularly powerful wardings. Feel free to post possible solutions ideas to deal with these 'bad actors'. I'd love for these guys to go down. My patroness, Lilith is of course really willing for this to occur as well. Dealing with this has definitely become a project for the year.


  1. Maybe it is just a group who pretends to know magic to get people under their influence. In short, fraudulent tricksters. Think how Columbus fooled Jamaican natives to give him food by claiming how could change the moon.

    I've noticed a lot of methods used to expand consciousness are similar to methods used to gain coercive influence over others. Maybe they don't know magic, thus easier to handle on this level?

  2. However, if they are the real deal, it would be best to target the reason these woman fall prey to them in the first place, which is poverty or problems from their homeland. If the conditions are improved there, and the education becomes more available, then maybe the women will be less likely to listen to these people's lies in the first place.

    1. From what little the article stated, they do indeed know something about magic, or at least enough to be able to counterfeit it to those who believe in it's power. The victims due to lack of knowledge and certain vulnerabilities that the criminals exploit or create take full advantage. Yes dealing with the poverty will help, but this crime is happening even in very wealthy countries so obviously stopping this travesty needs more direct approaches. Good point made though and I'll make that part of my eventual action.

  3. Jason Miller said it best concerning about indirect magic.

    If they are well versed in magic, going head on to destroy them with magic is going to be a challenge, if not risky.

    If they are not, then they should be easy to destroy.

    I've noticed that in the comments section of the article you linked to that many say the local police department doesn't do any thing. This means they are either incompetent, corrupt, or both. Now the chances of magic used directly on the thugs runs a 50 percent chance of being deflected by counter magic, yet there is a higher chance of success if magic was used to root out the corruption in the police departments who allow this to happen.

    This would put a clamp down on the traffickers ability to operate.

    1. Another great point, rooting out corruption would help improve the situation greatly.

  4. While this may destroy or minimize the gangs' activities, the end result in eliminating them would most allow rivals to come in and fill the power vacuum. The people who committed these travesties would go away, but the motivation to perpetuate the problem will remain, so it is removing one group of criminals, to be replaced by another group.

    I say this because when Pablo Escobar was removed and his cartel destroyed, it was quickly replaced by rival gangs. I assume the same would apply here. It seems these crooks are the symptom and not the cause of women being trafficked into the sex trade.

    These people are motivated by money, and they make profits by providing illicit services. Offering a service is only profitable if there is a demand for it.
    If the people who solicit pimps (who get their women from these slavers) had an alternative means to fulfill their desires, they would stop engaging in prostitution. No more customers, means no more money being paid to the criminals, thus the criminals cease having a motivation to do this to innocent women who just want better lives for themselves.

    I've worked as security before in some bad areas and had to deal with the type who would engage pimps to acquire services. Most who do (but not all) are broken in some way. I've noticed they tend to have character flaws or emotional imbalances which prevent them from relating to to their fellow human beings, or have satisfactory relationships with them (sexually or otherwise). That, or they are ok in character but lack the social skills or experience to fulfill their desires.

    I think if these people were taught on how to treat women properly and over come their negativity which prevents them from being able to form and sustain intimate relationships, they would no long require the services of these bastards. Why pay for something when you can get it for free?

  5. Fixing broken people is all well and good, but sometimes it's really satisfying to take them down hard for their misdeeds - especially if they had those chances to improve themselves and instead chose greater depravity. My spirits could definitely help in determining what type they are and if any remedial treatment would be effective. As for removing them from their little sphere of power, and having others step in and take their place - This happens regardless. Sometimes you just have to establish justice one criminal gang at a time. Eventually if each gang keeps getting taken down hard the criminals will turn to other easier crimes. Great discussion though we're having on this. I've got a lot of ideas now about how to begin.

  6. To teach does not always mean to be kind. Some people in order to face reality and man up need a swift kick in the ass. I seen it in boot camp. Some come there with their heads screwed on straight, and some others need extra attention until they wise up. Until they get that dose of harsh reality, which makes them shape up or else, they don't change.

    I've noticed those who would use magic to enslave another human being (or a spirit) to fulfill
    their desire share the same traits as those who would solicit a pimp who enslaved some one with force and fraud.

    The reason I think Lilith empathizes with these women (and I apologize if I am mistaken and cause offense) is she may met a few of these types who used magic to evoke her and I think she would be more then happy to be the one to deliver that dose of harsh reality.

    The best way to target these types is create a
    spell which give them what they want, in all the worst ways possible, and release on the net in all the forums and bless it so those who would most likely solicit a prostitute will use it and every else won't.

    If they use it, sure they will get what they want, but at cost of every thing else. I've met my fair share of girlfriends from hell. I've met other men who've been ruined by relationships (or a hookup) with the wrong person. They knew it was the wrong person, but did it any way due to letting their sex drive be in charge. They didn't wise up till they hit rock bottom. Kinda like how a hard core drug addict who magically sobers up and has no desire for drugs any more after nearly dying due to ODing, the same principle applies here.

    Plus nothing is more satisfying then getting a person who deserves justice to do their own selves in. Kinda like how Edmond Dant├Ęs gets that guy who wronged him to commit suicide, same idea applies here.

  7. Of course, Lilith is often summoned by these types, and they always get a very firm lesson. Same goes for some of the other spirits I work with. They don't appreciate being treated as sluts. They like to be courted and treated with dignity before entering into something very akin to the marriages with elemental beings that the, "Comte De Gabalis" speaks of. They have many interesting methods to discourage the rude seeker and make that very clearly known. Still with all the disinformation out there, they meet these types a lot, and are always up to teach these guys some politeness! I'll have to bring the matter up thoroughly to Her, but I like the idea, though with some reservations I can't get a handle on. I'll sleep on it, and maybe run the stuff by Jason or M.C. - J.S.K. might have some good input too. I like the idea of a concerted effort, and I have no problem bringing in some really high power talent, especially for a good cause. Thanks for all the well thought out suggestions.

  8. It is unfortunate due to the disinformation they have to keep teaching the same lessons over and over. It must get tiring.

    This however can be tied into the spell idea.
    Is it possible to create a servitor who would play as the gate keeper between Lilith and those who wish to contact her?

    If so, then if any one who wishes to evoke her for disrespectful reasons will get the servitor instead, who will give them as they wish. However, the first sexual act will have them (unknowingly) marked and the more they act out their desires with this servitor, the more firm the mark will take hold.

    If any one who summoned the servitor and established a bond for long enough and they end up paying (under their own free will) for the company of a woman who was enslaved, will activate the mark. The more they engage in this type of activity (or have some hand in it), the more powerful and active it becomes and quicker the results manifest. The effect it supposed to have (once active) is to lead to the ruin and end of these individuals. If they never engage in prostitution, the mark will be harmless to them and will be lifted upon their natural deaths.

    This will have the result of having the ingrates leave her alone, give a means for those who wish to establish contact with her for the right reasons to reach her, and destroy the people who sustain these gangs to commit trafficking.

    And I thank you for listening. I hope I've done some good and I wish you luck on your endeavors.

    1. It's a good idea, but the servitor would have to be granted a great deal of power in order to respond and intercept calls to Lilith, especially if they have everything right - sigils, enns, mantras, incense, etc. Still it could be done, and it could be programmed to gradually build it's own power by sapping it from these types. Difficulty is - you are what you eat, and it is no different with servitors. Eventually the servitor would become corrupted and would start aiding the very things these folks want. A very careful monitoring of said servitor would be absolutely essential in a case like this and a constant refreshing of the programming.