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Working with the Demonized

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     Let's face it, there are a lot of spirits out there. A lot of them have demonized in one way or another over the years, a large percentage through the efforts of the church, but others through the clash of cultures and ideologies. It makes for a confusing mess on what spirits are 'safe' to work with, and those from whom you should probably run from screaming. Well first the bad news.

     There are NO 'safe' spirits, no matter how people friendly or easy to work with a spirit proves to be, it is always important to be on your guard. Spirits are a heck of a lot older than us, wiser than us, and much, much, much more wily than us. They usually get their way without to much trouble to themselves. That's why you have to think things through, you have to know what your limits are. Most importantly, you have to take the time to form a relationship with them.

     Relationship has all sorts of connotations. It's difficult for one. It takes effort - on both sides. Making that effort though is the surest way to learn whether that spirit intends you good or ill, whether it can be depended on. If you're lucky it will turn into something beautiful between both parties, but you've got to but in that time and effort.

     Time and effort sometimes isn't enough. Sometimes it's a bad bargain you get into. When relationships don't pan out, or when they go south badly, it's difficult to get away from a spirit. That's why, like in material human interactions, you limit your exposure until you build that trust. It's very hard to get rid of a stalker or an axe murderer when they have your friend circle on Facebook, email, phone, mailing address, physical address, etc.

     Take things slow, don't be in a hurry, and don't take everyone's word for it that a spirit is 'harmless' or 'easy' to work with. Nine times out of then this is probably true, but it's that one percent that can turn into a really bad thing. Spirits respect, care and being accorded respect. They don't like rude displays or foolish efforts to command - especially with no relationship. The more a spirit knows you and the more you know the spirit, the better things are going to go, but there is no going from 0 to 60. Anybody would be pissed if you just tried to run them over!

     Now where am I going with this? Back to the title of this entry. A lot of spirits are demonized, but most of them don't deserve the negative press if they are approached with respect and care. I work with a number of spirits that are said to be extremely bad, evil, beings that do bad things - particularly with men. The objections usually run like this - they are bad wicked larvals that will drain your health and spiritual well-being, they are wicked succubi that will drain and ultimately kill those they prey upon, etc. This isn't to say such beings don't exist, because they very much do, and I've had my mistakes in that department. Fortunately, I have survived those mistakes - and learned from them. What I haven't done is thrown out all these female spirits with a bad reputation from the persecuting church or hear-say. I let the spirits prove themselves to me, as I make every effort to prove myself to the spirits. If I hadn't have done I would have missed out on some very beautiful, very useful relationships. I've gained powerful guardians, I've had success and opportunities open up in my profession, and romance of the mundane variety, and those are but a few instances. Turns out they were very skilled in providing these things, and I would missed out on so much if I hadn't pursued those relationships. What it didn't turn into was succubus orgies (maybe a little) and death, or being constantly drained. But I would have continued to think that about these spirits if I hadn't pursued these relationship (safely) to learn for myself.

     Conclusion, make the effort. Don't take unnecessary risks, but don't be afraid of taking risks at all. Be smart, be wily like the spirits, but enjoy! I think I've got a pretty good broad overview of what's necessary between the previous blog entry, "Chthonic Spirits and the Connection to Ourselves." Then again, I always think that, and then find out later I left something out. The nice thing about blogging though is it's a journal of sorts, and it permits mistakes - and for those mistakes to be resolved through the process of peer review. Sometimes I really love the Internet. Long may it remain Uncensored and Free.

Note on the images: I originally wanted a comic with a succubus holding up a bag of skin that used to be a man, and saying something like, "Did I take too much?" I know I've seen something like that before, but I couldn't track it down, so you get what I did find instead. Not nearly as funny, but definitely sexy ;-)

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  1. I've been looking for advice and information on this for awhile and this is most useful.

    Question is, how do you know its the spirit you've called upon and not a pretender?

    1. Glad the post proved useful. As to your question, it's a very good one. Other than by the much more dangerous 'trial and error' method, I would suggest that upon making contact there is a certain phase of that in which if the spirit is not a pretender they will pass on their characteristics and manner of calling them easier. In my experience this has included a visual image of them either mind's eye or a more visionary experience, and/or usually included in that is their corresponding colors, gems, offerings, and probably the most important their name(s) and an image of their sigil. Sometimes they will even pass on an enn or similar resonating, vibrational phrase based call - like a mantra. Utilizing that you can then do an internet search or open your available grimoires (if they are a grimoire spirit) and compare with what is available for that spirit already. If it doesn't match it's probably an imposter (presuming an imposter would even bother). In cases where the spirit is obscure and not one that many work with, you should receive the same or similar proofs as above, which you should utilize from then on to facilitate contact. With a little known spirit you run greater risks of course, but you can minimize your exposure by starting small with them. Don't build them a full up shrine on first contact, don't make them an image - even if they ask for one. Leave all that for later. I promised certain things like sigil first, then later after they've done as asked I will offer an initial offering of wine or whatever the spirit finds good. Still later after several successful workings with the spirit, I move to weekly offerings, followed by getting an image of the spirit made, and other things fashioned as the spirit may request. Generally, you will find out early out whether it's a good fit and whether that spirit can be depended upon. Obviously it shouldn't just be about results, but results definite prove whether the spirit is generally interested in working with you. Once you've gotten results don't be stingy, give them what you promised. If this can't happen right away, you should give daily offerings until you can make good on the promise. Hope this helps. Bit long, but I'm always a little guilty of that!

  2. If the spirit is a weaker one, or just not inclined to offer all the initial proofs straight off, you can utilize your preferred scrying method - i.e. - pendulum to get the things like name, correspondences, sigils, enns, element, appearance, etc. asking GOOD questions not really open-ended or other common question mistakes. Got to be specific and require of the answers to be specific

  3. Not long at all. I was reading about what you mentioned Tezrian as being part of an initiation into working with these spirits. I've never heard of her until you mentioned her and would like to know more about her.

    Actually a lot of what you write is unique and I can't seem to find anything else like it on the web, and it is why I look forward to reading your posts.

    1. The demonolatry or daemonolatry crowd as many like to call it now, work with Tezrian pretty frequently. The author S. Connolly does so pretty extensively. I consider "The Complete Book of Demonolatry" to be essential reading if only for the enns, the oleums, and the incense recipes. But there is a lot to like in that book. Suzanne or Devilgirl255 as she is so named on YouTube has also worked with Tezrian - but she gives little more than the enn to recite for contact. In the end I had to do my own research on Tezrian's origins. Armenian mythology is a very sparse topic as well, but I boiled it down into the blog entry you read. I will be doing further research into Armenian mythology so that I can directly cite sources instead of the mess I had to weed through on the internet. Ultimately the goal is to publish something once I've gathered all my academic sources, so stay tuned on that. Until then however, I wouldn't fear working with her, she is quite wonderful, still be respectful and get to know her. Honestly she benefits quite a lot from having so little out there about her. People that want to work with her have to come to her to learn, and so there is that direct interaction that cuts down on perceptual distortions (except those formed in your own mind). If you do work with her please share, as it will aid in assembling the most complete picture of her. One thing is for sure, she is a rising Daemonic goddess who wants to be better known. She is also easier to work with (and more forgiving) than Agrat-Bat-Mahalat, though Agrat's relative Eisheth Zenunim is very easy to work with similar to Tezrian and very eager to please. While Agrat does have at least some power over earth, she is definitely focused on helping with acts of seduction, lust, etc. Eisheth Zenunim has strong powers over the winds, and the elementals of Air. A capable guardian she will readily act in this fashion on your behalf. Paired with Tezrian and her power over flame and the elementals of flame, you have two potential guardians right there. I haven't mentioned these other spirits as often, but I will be posting more about them (and about Tezrian) in the future. Definitely you will see something about them soon, in a post that will see finished my 'solar/lunar battery backed up' spirit wardings when I am finally back to my laboratory.

    2. Also, I'm glad my stuff is unique and interesting, but please if you want more info than I am currently able to provide or you want to research for yourself, I will to the best that I am able provide sources. Thanks for your interest and I'll try to keep the good stuff coming!

  4. Thank you for your offer to share your resources, but I think it would be more polite if I see what I can find out on my own before I ask for any more help. I'll keep you posted.

    And I wish you the best of luck on your ward.

  5. I do have one question however that cannot be clarified no matter how much research I do.

    What is the relationship between Daemonic spirits and humanity?

    With so many conflicting views on the matter, I was wondering if you could clear it up due to your experience?

    For example, according to Liber Lilith, she drains her lovers. Is this true or does she do this only to those who disrespect her? Would this be the same as well for the the other spirits you work with too?

    1. The questions are difficult ones to answer, but this is what I've gathered from my own experiences. For the first, the relationship between the Daemonic spirits and humanity. I would point back to my post about Chthonic spirits and to the famous, "The Comte De Gabalis." These daemonic spirits are the same as the daemon of the Greeks and the daimon of Rome. Beings existent between man and gods, some in their own right worshiped as gods. They are spirits with ties to the air, the earth, to water, and to fire. As such they can often being confused with the elementals which Gabalis speaks of. They are however of a higher order and dispatch elementals at will to do their bidding. Are they evil as Gabalis claims the devils to be? No more than humans are. Some are certainly hostile to humanity, but this is true of many classes of spirits.

      Now of Lilith in particular. Liber Lilith has the right of it. She does indeed drain her lovers. The offering of their bodies to her in a spirit-sexual union is part of the act of offering. It need not be feared. This draining is never more than her lovers can spare, though a lover can become easily obsessed and continue despite her own warnings to rest and restore themselves. This was the end of the aspiring lover in Liber Lilith. One who became obsessed. This difficulty arises because a union with Lilith is several orders of magnitude greater than that with a woman of flesh and blood. Having experienced both I can say this with some authority ;) A dangerous obsession is to be avoided however, as the bonds to the lover's own flesh will begin to break down. Their spirit will grow strong and will ceaselessly long to return to Lilith. From this one can gather than a union with Lilith radically evolves and strengthens the spirit at expense of the body. If the lover is well balanced in spirit, sound of mind, and strong in body then the relationship is not dangerous but beneficial, yet all things in moderation! Obsessions generally result in those weak in mind or body who naturally already overemphasis the spirit. Also those who overemphasize the body. Lilith should only be approached by the healthy individual. Still, there is some room for error as the pure minded aspirant to be Lilith's lover will be taught and strengthened by Her, evolved into a more perfect and whole being who can then truly thrive in a relationship with her. Those that are rude or who approach with twisted, malicious, and cruel beings will get no such service from her. These are her prey and should fear greatly, but her allure is such that they cannot resist her charms. In the end, yes Lilith is deadly, but she is kind to those who approach her in good faith. If one should seek Lilith I would advise that they should also seek to achieve knowledge and conversation of their HGA, be physically active, and be of sound judgment in most things. Do this and your feet will stand firmly upon the depths of the Underworld and your crown shall exist amongst the gods. Achievement of personal godhood in essence. Lilith's pull is so strong however you had best not have any objections of becoming a god of the Underworld.

  6. A daemon's efforts looking at records is usually bent toward the evolution of those that work with them. They are beings that purposely stay in this middle state to act as guides and companions to those on the journey to the divine. Therefore Lilith is not so strange when looked at in this light. She is however rapidly advancing to a true goddess state, and if I am any judge she will soon eclipse many of the premiere goddesses in followers and power, even as several of these begin to fall closer into the more daemonic realms from the heavenly heights. It is strange and wonderful to see the 'handmaiden of Inanna' coming into her own in this sudden modern bloom of her power.

  7. It seems if I want to know more, I have to do a review of Comte De Gabalis before asking any more questions of this nature.

    The other thing I know I cannot find is calling upon Lilith for other purposes beyond what she is known for.

    I did a bit of reading on her background and I've noticed she has been around for quite some time and been a part of many cultures, thus knows many languages and thus may be able to be able be a muse for those who wish to learn poetry (and various other forms of wordsmithing) and a guide for those who want to perfect their craft.

    I know in various traditions that some recommend saying different prayers and using different rituals for different things when petitioning a deity and some recommend approaching them the same way no matter what. Which method does Lilith prefer potential devotees to use? If the former, then I kindly request advice in the matter for thats outside her known domain (despite how accurate or inaccurate that common perception of her is).
    If it is the later, then I guess your advice on courting her which be the approach to follow.

    1. There is an excellent translation in Hadean Press' "Conjure Codex."

      Until reading Comte De Gabalis I had never realized that working with elemental spirits could be so rewarding. I am of a natural inclination to seek out the dark goddesses and the prowling 'demoness,' and have worked extensively with them so that I am extremely familiar with their temperaments, likes, and dislikes. There are so many similarities it was truly an insightful read - even with the christian dogma thrown in.

      As for Lilith acting outside what she is typically known for, the answer is a firm yes. She often acts as my muse when I write, and has helped me in many artistic projects. The important thing to remember when working with any spirit is to realize that they truly are independent beings and as such they have many varied skills they have mastered over their long existence and don't like being limited to their specific 'spheres of influence.' Even if they aren't the chief power over a specific thing you have need of help in, they will gladly help and quite proficiently so that you have no complaint - as long as you have the relationship. The relationship is the key. To court Lilith's attentions the offerings in Liber Lilith are quite acceptable. She loves the daily offering of milk, red wine, and fruit. I have also offered her novelty wines like strawberry white wine and the like. Rose water is also a fine offering to make, or at a stretch purified water. Anything sweet she loves, confections, and things like Turkish delight. Come before her freshly washed, with no scents about you, avoiding strongly scented soaps. Herbal baths if it is dried herbs added to the water - specifically rose petals and lavender blossoms are particularly liked and put both mind and body in a relaxed, receptive state. Wear clean linens or nothing before her altar. If you wear linens let them be either black or red or both as you may prefer or as Lilith may direct you. The linens should never be worn twice before her. They should always be freshly laundered with no detergents and washed/dried with nothing else. If you can line dry them, this is best. The offering ritual in Liber Lilith is perfectly acceptable as are many of the poems, verses and songs therein. Eventually you should come to a place where the words flow naturally and originally from your lips and this she likes best of all in tribute and devotion. Meditate before her statue or image. I have found she likes the Liber Lilith image of herself a great deal, and so all the objects of the Art and Images of Herself have drawn upon this preferred image. I have blogged about these images and provided links to the artists in question so they are available to do more commissions upon request.

      When meditating I have often used the demonic enn, "Renich viasa avage lillith lirach" to great effect. Repeated over and over as a mantra, letting the words roll out of your mouth with each basin style breath, repeated until her presence feels near, then recite, Decendat Columba! Lilith! seeing and feeling her heavenly white winged form come down and alight within the Image. The recite, Ascendat serpens! Lilith! seeing her Chthonic horned form rise up surrounded by her flames from the depths. She will be there before you in all her splendor. Gaze into her eyes and you will see reflected the mysteries ad infinitum.

      Courting Lilith in such a way is what I have done. If you wish, the sexual rites of Liber Lilith can also be utilized, but if you have no such desire, omitting them will do no harm, nor will she demand them. However, if you find yourself drawn into her cult, you will inevitably find yourself partaking of these other rites as well.

      This is all useful stuff to relate so I'll be copying much of this stuff and re-posting as a blog entry.