Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cycle 8 SS: Lesson 0 Candlemas Catalyst rite experience

Well this morning officially kicked off the start of Jason Miller's Cycle 8 of his correspondence classes. I very nearly didn't have time for all my morning devotions, but I made it with 5 minutes to spare. I performed the 9 breaths, the columns and spheres, along with the Invocation of the Bornless One. Then I focused on the seal of the class while speaking with my spirits and thanking them for their aid past and present and for the future. I had some trouble holding the image in my mind, but I pulled through - just. It didn't help I was worried about running out of time. Still I had sudden success. I was suddenly standing in a wide pillared hall. At first I took it to be some kind of temple. But as I took in more of the details there were red flags suspended out by the tops of each pillar with sigils detailed in black. There were a lot of pillars. The floor was also carpeted in the same colors with one massive sigil so complex I couldn't take in all of it. Walking up the hall I realized what kind of place I was in, because there was a raise dais and a pair of thrones. Upon the left throne (my right) there sat Lilith with her usual self-satisfied cat-got-the-creme smirk. We had a conversation in which she congratulated me on my success, along with a few other things and I sat down next to her. She told me I ought to get back or I'd be late, and then I was back with those 5 minutes to get ready for work. Damned if I didn't do it and wait around for the carpool besides!

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