Sunday, February 5, 2012

Wrecking the Sex Trafficer's Game


So if you read my blog the link above should be familiar, from my Witchcraft Gone Bad article. After having a good discussion about it with reader, HiddenScience and Jason Miller - I have compiled the useful info and have some possible courses of action.

Human Trafficking is everywhere, but the principle offenders are located in:
     Africa (Nigeria worst offender)
     Asia (China worst offender)
     South America (Brazil worst offender)

Now that we have some locations down, let's not forget the article itself which focuses on the problem in Scotland. We must target the Strathclyde Police, Vice Squad's corruption or at the very least the utter inability to act against the criminal gangs who assist the Human Traffickers.

There are also a number of factors contributing to this mess so let's identify them:
     - poverty
     -criminal gangs / cartels
     - brothel customers
     - police/government corruption

The means these modern day slave traders use needs also to be targeted:
     -terror tactics
     -juju magics

Of the mention of magic being used by trafficers - are they skilled in it's use, or are they counterfeiting?

Can they retaliate against attacks against them via spells and spirits?

Potential Difficulties:
     - Criminals may be skilled magicians and may be able to counter and retaliate as such
     - If gangs are stopped, others will step into the power vacuum and slave trade will continue

Criminals of this type generally have weaknesses we can take advantage of. These are:
     -lured by quick financial gain
     -character flaws
     -emotional imbalances
     -lack social skills to fulfill desires legitimately

Our possible courses of action are as follows:

- We need to address the primary factors: poverty, criminals, customers, corruption, in a series of workings targeting each of these.

- Get a roster of spirits together that will actively work against them

- Create, program, and maintain servitors to intercept criminals and their customers fulfilling their unmet needs without harming an innocent. Servitors would mark them as prey for spirits like Lilith and our roster of sympathetic spirits if they engage in prostitution and/or human trafficking.

That's about if for now. Interested parties should contact me either by email or by leaving a comment. The point is to get organized together and thus hit these ass-hats with a concerted, powerful effort against them. I want these criminals to go down!


  1. I've been thinking about this. It seems you've come to the conclusion that the situation is complex. The best approach for any situation that is complex is gather intel.

    Taking a play from the Ancient Greeks (Trojan Horse anyone), the best way to gather info is to enchant a hundred dollar bill, with the intend of the "mark" spreading to all forms of currency in the world. The mark will be like a beacon. Wherever it collects in the hugest amounts, is where one should send spirits for surveillance. It should shine brightly wherever counter magic is at the weakest.

    Another way of doing this is creating a mark upon the would be customers and those at risk of being forced into this trade,k then have that mark spread within the places where this form of activity is most common.

    Wherever the three are in the highest quantity, is where most likely the place needing attention.

    Considering how Osama Bin Laden was tracked down and killed by following the money trail, this would also help you pinpoint the ring leaders and the weak links, which if removed can cause the most damage. It would also give you a good idea on the root causes leading to this problem

    Plus having a spell set up this way, will allow you to have a means to counter replace ment groups who replace the ones you took down.

    The marks should also allow you to exert influence over the object or person enchanted. Think Manchurian Candidate.

  2. It's a good suggestion. I'll try to get something together in a few days when I have all my materia available.