Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Unsere La Siren and tweaking the guardian wards

even mer-boys get teased ;-)
     Experimenting as one does, and tailoring my wards and elemental attributions to my location as I learned in SS Cycle 8 course - I've changed the East ward to the element of Water (Pacific ocean is right there dammit), and the West to Air. This required other changes as well. While Eisheth Zenumim is ever eager to work with me in any rite or ritual, Ashtaroth informed me she wouldn't be acting as a guardian of the East for she is of the West or furthest West. So thanking Ashtaroth for her aid thus far and promising further work with GV pacts I moved to find a better fit for both the element of Water and the East.

     I rather fortunately had worked previously with the spirit known as Unsere in Daemonolatry circles, who is described as a daemoness connected with water, the earth and magic. In the course of working with Unsere, I discovered there are actually many called Unsere - Unsere in German meaning roughly 'All.' Does that mean that Unsere was then a legion similar to the Pomba Gira spirits or Klippoth? I have not investigated enough to state that emphatically. I was however swiftly introduced by the spirit who answered my calls to her name as Unsere La Siren. The 'All Siren' or 'Mother of All Siren.' While there are are similarities to the spirit known as La Siren, this is not the same spirit, nor should they be confused. I use a two sigil system when doing work with Unsere La Siren. The first sigil, one that the spirit gave me, the second the one supplied for Unsere by the daemonolatry source "The Complete Book of Daemonolatry" by S. Connolly.

    As I hadn't worked with Unsere La Siren for a while, and even offerings had been on the infrequent side I first set about addressing her shrine. Her's was separated from the rest as there was no room in the ritual space since it was shared with my computer room. I'd been meaning to make the ritual space/ shrine space exclusively so for a while, but work has kept a lot of projects tabled. Well, tabled no longer, this project was getting done that minute!

Unsere La Siren in her place at the East shrine - notice the altar cloth - seemed perfect for the land of the rising sun. Verrier holds a corner of the East shrine holding strong connections with plants and the elements of earth and water thus it's location works well.

Unsere La Siren's shrine space

here we have from top to bottom: Tezian, Lilith, Pomba Gira, tarot stuff, and ritual supplies

Ashtaroth's and Eisheth Zenunim's shrines in the West

Isis shrine

Gylou Shrine
Naamah moved into the vacated space of Unsere La Siren's old shrine. her shrine seems well suited here in the bedroom

    The computer moved out, the shrines moved around to balance the energies of the room - in the end Naamah's and Unsere La Siren's shrines were the biggest winners, with honorable mention going to Pomba Gira's introductory shrine. Unsere La Siren basically moved out of the bedroom shrine and Naamah moved in. Both gained space and some art that's become associated with them for me. Shrines reestablished and complete I moved on toward calling Unsere La Siren.

     Unsere La Siren it turns out came swiftly. Was it because I caught her notice with the upgraded shrine, or was it that she had been calling me first? I ought to here describe the spirit as she makes quite the stunning picture. Think of mermaid as a point of reference, maybe you've seen Daryl Hannah in the movie, "Splash" - well as lovely as she is the only comparison is that they are both 'mermaids'. Unsere La Siren has a white mane of hair, decorated with strands of Kelp woven through it. Chambered natilus shells decorate either side of her head like horns - in fact I'm not entirely sure that they aren't a part of her. Green eyes set in flawless pale white skin, her face sometimes seeming human, other times very alien. Her teeth are those of a shark and are quite terrifying yet fascinate the mind - perhaps fatally. The fish part of her is green and almost more snake-like and varies as either a one or two tailed appearance. Quite a different thing from what appears in our minds when we think mermaid or siren yes? Yet she is beautiful, the hypnotism of a deadly predator present in all it's primal glory. I asked if she was willing to step into a role as guardian, of which I explained the duties entailed and she readily agreed, and to my rather simple obligations to her. Her voice is liquid and hauntingly compelling. It's a voice you'd submerge yourself to follow, the most basic urge to even breath forgotten. Visions of the final moments of the movie Dagon naturally and irrepressibly bloom in the mind.

    Now that I had Unsere La Siren's agreement to the oath, the wards were reestablished:

Unsere La Siren East ward shrine, notice the two sigils mentioned previously

my ritual space
The wards have held together well, and went in place with a great deal more vigor. All told I am well pleased as are the spirits with the progress in my workshop/ritual space. Here ends a rather photo heavy update.


  1. interesting work, nice to physical work being done this way with your own individual ingenuity ! great stuff !

  2. It was a lot of fun, even though I fail as a carpenter ;-) I think that's part of the reason why Lilith's center spirit ward was completed by a work friend that came over and not me - she was done with the butchery and want her's done by someone that knew how to do it right!

  3. they have a way of making stuff happen, for the norm to the uncanny, i used to be ben_lilith (wanderings of glamour). there is a bit of an artistic temperament going on with your shrines - love them ! have you looked up mami wata with regard to supplimenting your work with unsere la siren, they may be on a par, not sure though.

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    2. I was unaware of Mami Wata, but I find her very interesting. I am not surprised to find a Siren of her power from the region. My first thought is Unsere La Siren has a bit more of the chthonic about her, where as Mami Wata straddles between the underworld and the more unoffensive love goddess La Siren. Are they all aspects of the same entity or are they just of a similar 'species' of spirit? Going to have fun finding out!

      P.S. - So I'll bite - why the name change? is your initiation with Pomba Gira Das Cobras going well?

    3. It seems La Siren, La Sirene, and Mami Wata, and Erzulie are equated the same (at least according to wiki). I'm sure specific traditions would say heck no, but the relation is certainly there. Big question is how Unsere La Siren ties in if at all to this spirit or potentially legion spirit?

    4. It is interesting what you say about the possibility of a legion. PG das Cobras (of Snakes) is related to Nagini (one of the 64 Yogini from Kaula Tantra ) and the Naga Kanya (Snake People) who protected ponds, springs, rivers, lakes etc and lived in the underworld (i get the feeling rather than living deep down in the sea more subterranean watery caves that surface here and there). She is also in close sympathy with the Slav Rusalki. I found it interesting Mami Wata is alternately snake or fish from the waist down. PG of snakes has a sympathy with her, but PG is quite her own character with her own correspondences.

      I'd be inclined to say there is a strong possibility they are breed of spirit in case of your study, findings, and intuitions.

      Some of wiki's findings are based on pop culture assumptions rather magical work and the knowledge that comes from that. I think its a bit of broad step or generalization from the Erzulies to Mami Wata.

      the name change was more shedding old skins so to say and also PG is quite possessive so retouched my blogging on her and associations i made between her and other female spirits i'd worked with cos she weren't too pleased. the initiation is going well. just wanted to let ya who i was cos we'd corresponded before.

    5. Yes, I definitely mistrust the broad sweeping generalizations in most wikis, as for Unsere La Siren some work with her today - I came away with "not wholly unrelated but still very much separate and keep your workings separate...thank you very much" lol. The connection was hinted at being revealed through deeper initiation. So anyways maybe I was right about a species of spirit or family of spirits.

      I know what you mean about making associations between similar spirits. Lilith is very insistent that I go and fix assumptions after she or another spirit proves me wrong. Then there is working with multiple similar spirits. As you can probably tell I do this on a rather large scale, still it is Lilith who is central in all my workings and I am very polite but firm when a spirit tries to poach me away. I will work with them, but Lilith will come first! A bit of a frustration lately because Hecate has been trying very hard to poach me lately. I can appreciate Hecate, she's a damn fine lady - but she's playing hard ball with me and Lilith is starting to get pissed. It's bad enough some people try and lump Lilith and Hecate as the same spirit, but Hecate seems to be rather infamous for poaching from Lilith. Anyways seem kind of stuck. Don't want to displease Lilith, but Hecate is a bad enemy if I keep ignoring her...

  4. yes your dealing with two rather high maintenance ladies here! PG das Cobras is rather possessive, i was working with a fairy sybillia and after bringing an implement into my possession PG made the demand i work with no other female spirit than her, or the ones they bring to me kinda like loyality in return for this power type thing. at the risk of any other spirit turning out like this i am keeping things simple and working with what they bring me, its also easier on an energy level as it does take it out of you.

    1. So true, the energy requirement just to keep up with them can be tiring. Still, the rewards are wonderful. I just got elected the leader of the pagan community here on Okinawa. Granted we're small but I got to think maybe the opportunity wouldn't have even been there with out my lovely ladies.