Friday, June 1, 2012

Liber Lilith experiments

Performed some experiments with Liber Lilith. Instead of proceeding normally with the creation of the 'white powder' I varied it up a bit, and used the corruption that results when not dried over a flame. Potency is remarkable. Takes on a green cast from the brass bowl collected in. Breathing the vapors with 9-fold breathing technique, leads to rapid possession by Sammael using techniques to call upon him. Sexual union with Lilith swiftly follows - absolutely inevitable as it becomes the only desire.  Heck if you get a full possession than you got no control anyways ;-) The energetic buzz from the experience lasts for hours if not the entire day. The substance while it dries naturally I have mixed with the Sammael Oil from the Luciferian Apotheca (Michael W. Ford's website). While I don't hold with all of Ford's work, especially his recent emphasis of psychological nature of spirits which I wholly disagree with. I have found some of his books helpful and his available oils and materia are pretty potent. Final product will be sterilized with heat. I believe the key is the corruption process which draws itself most strongly to the nature of Sammael. I will continue these researches and compare with the original method.

I hope for further experiments with the red powder as well, as I believe my girlfriend would prove receptive to the workings. Time, and several conversations will tell in this regard, but in general she is supportive in my works of sorcery.

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