Monday, August 13, 2012

Yabuchi Island Cave Pictures

Main cave entrance

shrine at cave mouth

another shrine at the cave mouth

The blue you see is Sky vodka bottles laid out in a pattern

Cave mouth

look ma no flash...

really helps to have the flash enabled huh?

This is one cool cave, don't worry the pics get better

goddess shrine up ahead

more interesting formations

ah yes...light.

Truly a beautiful natural temple

The Yabuchi Island goddess shrine - yes I asked permission for the photo

who needs temples when nature does it better?

Fantastic formations beyond the shrine

yes...this place is awesome

The range of formation types is incredible

yep lots of really cool formations

and even more...

start of characters - some of these my guide said reads: Fire Village

Add caption

Now you have the pictures to go with my post a few days ago...hope you enjoyed!

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