Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Moment before Apocalypse

It's been one of those years. Everything seems on hold, as if waiting for something. Waiting on economic recovery, maybe just waiting on that new job. Waiting on political reform, waiting for a revolution. Waiting on tools to arrive for a particular ceremonial right. Waiting on...waiting on...and waiting on. It's not even about waiting for any of these things. There is a sense of pending action. An expected 'other shoe' to drop. It has all the ear marks of other 'Significant Emotional Events' as my Chief is fond of saying. I believe this to be Apocalypse, maybe not spelled big with large capital font letters, but boy is it coming. I've had the same feeling all year ever since New Year. It's the same feeling I got before the three super typhoons rolled in. The radar is pinging folks, just be prepared okay? Do what you've got to do try and stay safe. I can guarantee this one isn't going to fit into anybody's expectations - it's too 'other' - a house of cards is going to fall and it's one that everybody knows is made of bricks. This isn't to be all doom and gloom either. Just be safe okay?

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