Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Over A year...

Wow, has it really been over a year since I've written anything here? How time flies. I haven't been inactive, but I've definitely missed putting up a lot of updates here. So here are a few teasers with what I will hopefully find time to post this year:

     The Grimoire Verum workings are pressing forward. All but parchment and virgin spun thread have been acquired. A beautifully spacious ritual space has been set-up in new permanent ritual facilities via the circle I help mentor. I've also gotten hold of an interesting book, "Communing with the Spirits. The Magical Practice of Necromancy," by Martin Coleman. The latest volume of Jake Stratton Kent's Opus series, Encyclopaedia Goetica, The Testament of Cyprian the Mage, is also finally soon to be winging it's way to me this Friday. The information and tools are gathered. Time to step beyond rootwork spells and make some serious progress in necromancy.

    But...you say what about this Diabolic Chalice? I haven't heard anything that deserves the name in a long time? Well dear readers, you'd be right I've been terribly neglectful of updates. Expect some posts in this direction. I've made progress on several shrines to a couple of the spirits often known as succubi. This has involved getting into sculpting statuary in a fairly big way, my first efforts fairly poor, but artistic skill has bloomed a little. I'm nowhere near as good as my friend Jeff Cullen aka to Facebook, Hellfurian, who has sculpted several of my statues I've posted in the past, but they are intensely personal expressions of devotion to these spirits whom I will reveal with their shrines in due time. What this process has allowed to progress is a knowledge of these spirits and that indeed yes, they have far more to offer than what the brand of succubus implies. These are spirits have been neglected, and for no better reason than that they were too sexual free for the likes of patriarchal societies to which some of them belonged to. Time to stop being afraid of these particular succubi. Larva there are for sure, things that will prey on your energy, but it's time to give these ancient and much demeaned goddesses a break. That's what the goal of this blog has always been even if I went dark for long stretches or took my time getting there while talking about other topics near and dear to me. I'll be presenting each of these spirits, showcasing what I've uncovered. More can certainly be accomplished, and it's only my habit of taking on multiple projects that is to blame that there isn't a lot more. As many can probably attest it is pretty easy to get bogged down by all the activities and only work with those one or two spirits that you have the closest relationship with. For me this would be Lilith and Tezrian, but despite this progress HAS slowly been made. The goal is to lead into each one while doing more intense discovery and devotionals with each spirit, posting here as my journal as I go. The end result is that some deserving spirits will find some worthy folks to adopt them and maybe, just maybe we'll break through this stigma that has settled over these beautiful ladies.

Yours Sincerely,

          The Valeyard

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