Thursday, April 24, 2014

Lilith and the Succubi Return!

Hello Dear Readers,

Lilith has been moving in a fairly big way. Progress on a modern grimoire is ongoing, for now entitled, "The Succubi Grimoire." I utilize a fair amount of daemonolatry concepts such as enns, but this should be no impediment for those who have no patience for barbaric tongue, the sigils are also provided and other more suitable mantras can be derived. In the final product I hope to provide several varieties of such, though the best is always the one you and spirit decide! I'll provide a Dropbox link with for those messaging me, wishing to get a look at the very basic bones of the initiatory/making contact info for the Four Queens of Hell, Asmodeus, and other important associated spirits. The file are picture derived pdf's of my written personal grimoire or at least the open and sharable portions thereof. Mispellings, attempts at archaic voice must all be forgiven in this very early copy. A great deal of information has been derived and so I must give credit to S. Connolly and her book, "The Complete Book of Demonolatry." Various sigils, enns, and incense mixes I have sourced from what was provided there have made my efforts at contacting and working with these spirits all the more easy. I am grateful to have so many wonderful research materials.

Delving into The Testament of Cyprian the Mage released by Scarlet Imprint - part of JSK's Encyclopedia Goetia series I've learned quite a bit, combined with personal workings with the spirits themselves, concerning the Four Kings and the Four Queens of Hell. Their natures, associations and intermediaries. With regards to the Four Queens the Great King Asmodeus acts as the perfect intermediary to them by virtue of his nature of half human and half lamia, being the class of spirit to which succubi belong, but more importantly, being the class of spirit which represents the Four Queens. Exciting stuff here, and there will doubtless be far greater revelations here concerning these interactions. I am quite giddy with the pace of discovery.

Now, as my relationship and progress with Lilith continues to bloom, I've received two familiars of Lilith, and have been quite busy preparing the materia, consecrating it, and preparing to sculpt statuary living vessels for them.

I've also been part of merging two open circles of pagans, and  forming a new coven here on the island of Okinawa and together with my fellow coven members will be selling crossed candles and statuary of succubi for a variety of important uses. Some of these overlooked uses for succubi include protection from the evil eye through their connection with gorgon heads. Also useful as assistants or consultants in curses. They may also be used as personal familiars. The nature of the statuary we will provide will be somewhat similar to the fantastic goblins Troy works with at Wolf and Goat. The ladies in question who will shortly be receiving these spirit vessels are quite thrilled with the prospects and let our clairvoyant and tarot card reader know that exhaustively last night within the dreamscape. Quite talkative these ladies!

The time has been richly spent of late, for in other notes: The goat parchments for the Grimoire Verum workings have been acquired. That leaves virgin thread and the holy water dispensers still yet to be acquired, but this is still progress so I'll take it!

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