Monday, July 7, 2014

Conjuring the Sibyl Part I

Working through all the researched material on Lamia related spirits, I found a great deal to work with in JSK's Encyclopedia Goetia series (The True Grimoire, Geosophia Vol 1 & 2, The Testament of Cyprian the Mage Vol 1 & 2). This of course also led to such sources as the PGM and Scot's, "The Discoverie of Witchcraft, Book XV" To this later source I will be utilizing an adapted version of Scot's conjuring of the Sibyl, informed potentially by Geosophia's researched earlier Sibyls of Greek origin. The ritual begins with the conjuring and contracting of a suicide's or murderer's spirit to be interacted with by means of a scrying crystal, to be used as a necromantic fetch to bring the Sibyl to the operator. This calls for going to a suicide's grave or a murderer's. Well that's a bit hard to find, especially in Okinawa where disturbing graves (or even just being around them) is a serious offense for Americans. To overcome this difficulty a friend is bringing me soil and water from the suicide forest in Mainland Japan. With this as an anchor to place and the required suitable spirits of the dead I hope to see good success. The spirit will be conjured into a small smokey quartz crystal skull, as it will be bound to said crystal, it seemed more than a little appropriate that a skull be the form of the crystal. Also, I won't be able to mix them up for distinctly different operations.

Thus begins the extremely enjoyable practical portion of my research on Lamia and related spirits, or if you prefer the later term of Succubi. I'm quite pleased with how well things are shaping up. My note-taking went swiftly, though admittedly I still need to chase down manuscripts of works referenced by Jake Stratton Kent, to ensure I have all the pieces of the puzzle I am chasing. As our research topic differs a bit, his cited works have a different emphasis on quotes (specifically goetia). I'll need to do my own reading to ensure I've missed nothing.

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