Saturday, August 30, 2014

Bathsheval rising

As promised, here are some photos of the succubi available for adoption and contract, Bathsheval:

More progress pictures are coming. As per Bathsheval, she is willing to work with many, and thus all her contact details will be made available. She is the progeny of Lilith and Asmodeus and partakes a great deal of Asmodeus' solar alignment. contact should be made during the daylight hours, preferably outside in the bright sun. 

Bathsheval will come with a supply of incense for devotional work or offerings, the framed sigil, and a suitable daemonic enn to call to Bathsheval and to use as a chant or mantra. As she is still unfinished it may be a few days before she officially goes on Etsy for adoption. There will be other Bathsheval's made in the future if there is sufficient interest, but I can provide contracts to unique and singular succubi upon request. One thing should be made absolutely clear. These are not merely art work. They have a loaded core within, holding gemstone, the mix of the suitable herbs and the ashes of the burned sigil. Treat them with respect.  They are not thought forms, they are not artificially created spirits. They are not being sold as slaves. They are provided in the hope that succubi can be brought beyond the stigmas, and negative expectations associated with them. Price to be determined

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