Friday, August 29, 2014

Grimoire Verum progress and more on Succubi

I've had my first attempt at getting to the third part of the grimoire this past week. It turns out I still didn't have absolutely everything. For example: I forgot the ground amber as incense and I had no mace - none! Fortunately, I had JSK's Verum oil for consecrating items, which if I remember aright has mace within the oil. Anyways, once I recovered from crazy omissions that shocked me not having them handy in my supply of herbs I was able to press forward. First times are rough despite years of preparation I guess, but there you go. With such involved rituals I've learned you really have to make lists and check them multiple times. A few other minor omissions which the spirits said to continue anyways, though I was worried it would affect the results. I got all the tools cleansed and sanctified and the correct hour passed with the pact still not signed. Still I learned a lot, and it was an excellent practice. I get another shot at it in September. I also later, on the correct day and hour completed the first part. Not sure if I should have had that done from the start, but I was waiting for the graver to arrive and then be suitably cleansed and sanctified. Turns out nothing less than a rotating diamond bit is strong enough to etch a bloodstone for the chief's character and the character with my initials. Still well received, and I agonized on whether or not it should wait until the latter September window with the written pact. I guess chalk another up to me making things over complicated. At least the spirits are good enough to me to set me straight and reassure.

Unrelated to the Grimoire Verum, but there will be some more posts in the near future on Lamiae class of spirits...the world over. I'm digging up folklore, rituals, and comparing the common details. Definitely more to come. Also, My etsy will soon be offering willing succubi to adopt as familiars. This will be offered in several vessel forms, sculptures, and the like. Included are sigil, mantra or possibly daemonolatry enns, and suitable incense blend to begin work with these particular succubi. I will also be offering some with their name or sigil not retained by me, and no picture archives of such nor records of any kind beyond advertising pictures for the vessels. If the purchaser never shares that information with anyone, then that spirit will be harder for a hostile practitioner to contract them right out from under you and turned against you.

The first to adopt, Bathsheval will be posting up shortly. She desires many to work with her, So those details will not be restricted by her request. Her appearance is not particularly demonic, and perhaps this is due to her strong solar alignment, and unusual result of the timing of her birth and connection to Asmodeus, not just Lilith.

And so, thus ends another small sip from the Chalice Diabolic

~ The Valeyard

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