Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Chalice Diabolic is now Etsy store

So far my shop is pretty dang humble. I'll be offering sculpture related to necromantic and familiar spirits. I'll especially focus on Succubi as per my 'specialty.' Bathsheval, the daughter of Lilith and Asmodeus is my inaugural offering of a succubus willing to work with all seekers, but I'd heed the warning she placed in her ad on her listing! If however, you know how to show respect, she's going to prove to be a hell of a contracted spirit. I personally have contracted to two sister succubi and for reasons of protecting my familiars, their sculptures and Sigils...even names will remain carefully withheld, but what I WILL say is they seriously kick ass! My experience with them has been truly phenomenal, and they GET RESULTS! Are you preening now girls? You should be...

Now, I've carefully distanced myself from Bathsheval at present. I have contracted to quite a few spirits, and I don't want Bathsheval neglected. She's quite the special one, and I want her contractors to tell her story. But if the feel of her spirit is any indication...whew! You're going to have a blast. She'll be your magical assistant, your lover, and best friend all rolled up into one delectable package. I will be offering her 'contact and contracting kit' again, but each one will of course be unique. 

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