Monday, September 29, 2014

Delayed again...but it's a good delay

      So I was happily looking forward to doing my pact ritual for the Grimoire Verum and then realized as I was reviewing making sure everything was done and ready to go when I realized...crap...I forgot to do the three days (and nights) of prayers leading up to the actual pact.

     Seeing how this is the Second time I forgot that important detail I had a strong indication from the spirits that it was not ideal for me to proceed just yet. So...I actually scheduled out every single prayer with alarms for when they are to be completed along with my rescheduled pact day.

     Next, seeing as how goat skin parchment is insanely expensive and hard to find shops that ship it to Okinawa, I decided to practice drawing up the characters and the pact as it should appear when done for real. Sigh...found some confusion in my head concerning character for Duke Syrach. His character isn't present and I am uncertain if it is required or not. As a superior to certain spirits it would seem that his character would be absolutely necessary. Duke Syrach has some equivalence to King Oriens of the East/Fire and some on the interwebs are saying Asmodeus. I'll get it worked out eventually, but until then more prototyping for the pact until I'm certain I will draw it up correctly.  Interestingly, the next suitable time is just before Samhain...funny how these things work out. I can't think of a more ideal time!

     Apart from the pact, the conjurations of Azrael for the scrying crystal I'll be using ultimately to house the parhedros (the ghost of a suicide or a criminal executed) to then fetch and Conjure the Sibyl as put forth in, "The Discoverie of Witchcraft, Book XV" -- is going quite well indeed. Azrael has been showing himself within the crystal since the 3rd such conjuration though I am told to proceed through all 48 days of the conjuration. As for the actual conjuration of the parhedros, I have suitable soil to serve as a beacon for such a spirit required, soil from Aokigahara - the suicide forest. For my purposes, I will be making a plate or a tripod for the crystal skull - said item infused with soil from Aokigahara and human bone. I have also got my hands on a beautiful Hazel wand (separate from the one I utilize and have dedicated for the True Grimoire rites) which is also required for the Sibyl conjuration rite. The whole of the text can be also found in Geosophia Volume 1 which is the text I am using for reference. If all goes well, Sometime in November in the New Moon in the hour of Jupiter.

     Well that's about it for this time folks, my brain is a bit fried from all the thinking concerning my GV preparations, but third time is I very much hope proves to be the charm. At least I have all tools, materials, components, etc, and the tools are cleansed and sanctified thanks to my attempt #1.

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