Monday, September 22, 2014

Necromantic skull vessels

     I've been working with my sculpting. I like how my latest Aokigahara and bone doped polymer clay skulls have turned out. Obviously I'm still pretty damnably novice, but they have a bit more realism than before and even managed to make them quicker! They have a great energy to them. Check out my listings Etsy Store: ChaliceDiabolic for more information about them. My first Aokigahara skull I gave to my friend who retrieved the soil in the first place. As he was going home that night he easily saw spirits of the dead. That's a pretty cool side-effect. More negatively, if you aren't careful you could experience depression and suicidal thoughts yourself. I will point out that these are dangerous tools. They shouldn't be misused and should be taken with the same care and caution you would when handling a poisonous snake. They are not 'irritable biters' as it were, but they are to be respected. The spirits these skulls have a connection with have gone through life troubles that would make many of us pale. Don't demean their choice to move on ahead and be respectful but firm in all your dealings with spirits suitable and drawn to the skulls. The skulls can also be used to bind a malicious restless spirit. Draw them into the skull with a suitable ritual or spirit trap and place the skull within a coffin shaped box lined with mirrors and bury at a crossroads or on sacred ground. Single use obviously, but not a bad way to utilize these skulls. They can also be used to draw and house a necromantic fetch, to act as a familiar, and other similar uses, to place on altars to deities that are connected to such spirits of the dead. Other skulls I have made are quite suitable for ancestor shrines. They can be utilized in a variety of ways and even if not one is every bought (shipping international is pretty insane for prices except back to United States and Japan), I am having fun making them. They are definitely useful, and if you don't buy mine, I at least urge you to make some of your own. For the practical necromancer they are indispensable. 

     I certainly plan to have several available skulls of each aligned with several classifications of the dead carefully stored and warded. I don't want to be making roach hotels for the nastiest customers and there are plenty of such spirits in Okinawa. Many of the dead do not like westerners here and looking at what happened here...I can't blame them. There are also many malevolent spirits that trouble the Okinawan people as well. A good means of thwarting such is to force the spirits to have to move in other than straight lines - which they cannot do. Another is to place shishi dogs you were gifted - or made yourself on either side of your door. One with it's mouth closed keeps good spirits in, and One with mouth open scares evil spirits away.

      As an ending note, more Sibyl prep rituals coming soon and more GV experiences. Finishing September with a flurry of rituals due to astrological timing - that devil is always in the details with much that I do these days. Observing the correct days and hours and phases of the moon has as I have begun more practical work, beyond the research phases proved highly effectual.There is definitely something to be said for it, and their are many voices and published books that say it better. The neo-pagan tendency (and yes that is too inclusive) to dismiss astrological significance to rituals, workings, and spellcraft is a tragedy bordering on crime. One has to be willing to be inconvenienced by such precise observances if one is to make much headway at all!

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