Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Success all around and new sculptures

Been gone for a minute and figured I'd update the ol' blog with some news on the sculpture side of things. and some good news on the side of my Grimoire Verum pact attempts - yes at long last the pact is successfully completed! Many long years it has been since I started on this road of preparation toward ultimately discovering and experiencing and conversing with the spirits of the goetia. Well it was a truly awesome experience and there will be more coming. After all - a pact is just the beginning! I also was finally able to complete my Scirlin skull crossroads burial rite. Sure the skull isn't perfect, but it was not only accepted by Scirlin but embraced. Also, a few days ago, I completed the conjurations of Azrael, and now the scrying crystal skull is fully purified and ready for the conjuration of a Parhedros into it in order to fetch the Sibyl. Things are really starting to happen and it's a pretty exciting time. More spell workings, are also being readied.

Also, my sculptures are definitely starting to improve. Take a look at the latest:

Here's the sculpting process for those of you who would like to try your hand at sculpting too if you've been as bitten with the bug as I have:

See you all next time!

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