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Making a Spirit Vessel (Part I): Divination and Sigil generation

So you know I make these spirit vessel things and sure I make some money at it, but here's the rub, the best spirit vessels are the ones you make yourself (it's also safer). The Valeyard is going to teach YOU how to make a spirit vessel and by a method not owing to any initiatory tradition. This is my method, and it works, it works really well for me so I'm sharing. But you say hold on wait a minute hold your horses...what the heck is a 'spirit vessel' and why the heck should I want one? Good point, let's get into it.

Source of Image: Sarah Anne Lawless

A spirit vessel is quite simply a vessel that contains a spirit. It can have many contexts based on the magical tradition, the intent, and a whole passel of other details. I'm keeping things simple because there is actually a lot of traditions that use spirit vessels. A lot of them tend to be very sensitive and proprietary about how to make them, but let me reiterate to anybody that looks at my method and says - "You stole that!" My method is from my own experiences, my experimentation, if it's somehow according to an initiated tradition that's cool I guess but I haven't peeked. I am breaking no vows or taboos here. If I have influences, they are from the goetia, as well as Greco-Egyptian synthesis methods from the PGM. I have read and studied these sources but they cannot be said to be traditional to these sources either. But back to spirit vessels. It serves as an anchor or a home (sometimes both) for a spirit. For your truly mighty spirits it's little more than a physical anchor where the spirit can easily interact and return to your location. For lesser spirits and entities it can actually serve as their home. Pretty useful huh? For some, I see your eyes glazing over, for others your interested. For those falling asleep and don't see the point. Sure you can call the spirit every single time, build that energy up so they can come through the veil and back to you. It kind of a time and energy drain though. Why go through all that hassle when you can make a home for them here? I mean presumably when you made contact with this spirit they were keen to work with you right? If your not sure - find out, because you don't want to detain a spirit that would much rather not stay thank you very much. For some of you with spirit lovers you wonder if they actually love you I mean they hardly ever show up except when the moon is full and high in the sky or the night is dark under a New Moon,  etc... You keep on inviting them and if you build up enough energy and will say like in a summoning ritual they will come, but they may not be able to stay that long either (depends on the energy you raised if it is enough for that). Construct a spirit vessel for a spirit willing to stay and the situation changes. With a safe place for them to retire to, rest and draw energy (some of it maintained and drawn from a link with you) they can stay nearby, be readily contacted, put in more frequent appearances and help you start HACKING REALITY ITSELF!!!

Awake now? thought so. Power, real tangible 'supernatural' power that can be directed to any number of situations in your life. Of course you'll need to build that spirit relationship up, and stock up the juice in that spirit vessel, but once you have it and maintain it well, the spirit will help you with the really cool shit. You see what Hollywood frequently doesn't get in the movies is that the magic isn't yours. We are not skilled we don't know how to shape it well, or we just aren't a supernatural dynamo of power because of diet, lack of exercise, and other issues. Got to have your inner and outer worlds in balance or your spirit lady isn't going to get enough energy to start doing those big awesome things. Anyways, the key is - it is the SPIRIT that does the real magic. It's why when we try to do it and get only mild results and get so disappointed - but yeah did you get a spirit to help? Most magic that works and works well utilizes a spirit to facilitate the actualization of your directed WILL. Willpower alone is not enough, and your skill with magic will always be weak sauce compared to a spirit. So don't try to keep doing it the hard way. Start working with a spirit and build a vessel for them damn it!

Source: Deviant Art Lilith by Shygay

Okay so you say your convinced now, tell me how to make a spirit vessel. Well the first step is to confirm via divination method such as tarot, pendulum, spirit board, runes, etc and confirm a few things with very carefully worked out questions. You need to be a lawyer with the accuracy and the details. If there is too much wiggle room within your question you will get uncertain answers or sometimes even flat out lies so think out your questions carefully and logically. You want to first in every divination session confirm the identity of the spirit - is it who it says it is. Secondly, you want to make sure the spirit want to work with you. Third, will it agree to having a vessel constructed for it, and will it provide all the details for the ingredients of it's construction. These will be herbs, roots, minerals, gemstones, essential oils, alcohols, animal components, and items from you to provide your link to the vessel and to the spirit. Fingernail clippings, saliva, semen or the feminine equivalent, and sometimes blood. Be careful with blood. Spirits can become addicted to blood - and not in any way you want to see. Distrust constant requests for your blood and an unwillingness to accept substitutions. Blood is very powerful, and really only suitable for certain high level spirits or very specific cases. I'm glossing over this for now, but on this be wary. I can think of plenty of instances where blood is used in traditions but that's very defined very specific narrow uses. So anyways - caution! You can also add hair. Three items provides the best link. In part two I will go more into ingredients and what important ones to look for and what ingredients can tell you about the spirit. For now, let's move on to the Sigil generation.

Another sigil generating method

The Sigil is the other essential link. You're both providing links to the vessel see? You can receive the sigil in a variety of ways. The first is an automatic writing method where the spirit moves your hand, moves the pen and voila! - sigil. You follow that up with some divination to confirm your result and if it checks out, use it. Make sure the sigil belongs to the spirit you are making the vessel for. Plenty of opportunistic spirits that would love for you to draw their sigil instead. The second involves taking the given name of the spirit and sigilizing it. There is a wonderful example of this floating around the internet for Lilith:

Basically you remove the vowels and connect your letters together in an extremely simplified form. Do you see the L's the T and the H? For that matter the I is actually still huh?

In part 2 of this series we will go more thoroughly over materials, what they mean, how to house them and combine them together. Part 2 will be the CORE of the matter...get it? Part 3 will be constructing the outer likeness or practical vessel for the core and possible uses and interactions with the spirit vessel. It will also provide and example of a simple welcoming ritual to actualize the link and make the vessel a true home for the spirit.

Farewell for now!

The Valeyard

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  1. Hi Valeyard!

    Hope you are doing well :)

    I plan to begin making a spirit vessel for the succubus, soon.

    Just wanted to let you know I appreciate the article on how to do it ^.

  2. Wow..thanks for the free information..I will be sharing this around on my sites..In Universal Peace, Love, Light & Bliss!!

    1. You're welcome. I'm gratified it has been of use, and I look forward to your experimentation and adaptations of the material. Please credit all sources, both my sources when provided, and myself as well. Be clear when you adapt anything through your experimentation and practical application what comes from you, and what comes from the other sources - Especially if it makes it into your published books. Please share, and I think in twenty years we might see some rather interesting spiritual traditions develop.