Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Making a Spirit Vessel (Part III): Core and Ritual for "Spirit Loading"

A bit of naughtiness from Faustus Crow

In parts one of our series we learned why making spirit vessels can be beneficial to a relationship with a spirit, and we learned how to create the spirit sigil that is reduced to ash to add as the spirit side connection paired with your nails, spit, semen etc to form your side of the bond. In part two we learned about materia - the types of items that spirits can ask for - and you confirm through divination methods - and that each item has very important meanings and reveals a lot about your spirit's nature. Now in part three we put it all together.

The ingredients, once gathered can be reduced down, but not burned (other than the sigil). You can feel free to dice, chop, carve up the gathered items - and if liquid items are involved suspend them all in those combined fluids. You can put it in a small vial or just balled up in some aluminum foil if it's going into a sculpture - if baked in a sculpture - a glass vial can possibly explode. If going to be worn or placed in a doll that won't require baking, then a glass vial is probably the best, provided it seals well. Cork sealed vials are not reliable to keep it all sealed securely. That done, you need to perform a small ritual to form the actual spiritual connection - like applying the electrical source to a finely crafted electronic radio you made from scratch.

The above link has some PERFECT vials that keep the contents secure - designed for the ashes of loved ones - they also have some for essential oils too. Brilliant stuff and I'm glad I found it today ^_^

You will need a couple of things: A candle, A freshly drawn copy of the sigil, preferably framed in a small picture frame and set prominently at your little altar set up we are making. You will want their favorite incense as well. If the spirit asked for a lot of solar aligned materials you should perform right around sunrise. The day matters as well, and I would divine with your spirit to select the most appropriate day. To be even more precise, their are things called Planetary Days and Hours. There are apps for knowing when these are occurring and what it's on at any given moment. I use one on the iphone called, "Magickal Clock." For this kind of ritual you would really want Mercury to facilitate communication - And that means Wednesday at the Hour of Dawn which will also be the Hour of Mercury. Friday which is Venus' day is also suitable and at Dawn which will be the Hour of Venus. Planetary hours occur throughout the day on a cycle, but the best time is to get that Dawn hour. Try to start at the precise moment Dawn begins in your time-zone, and light the incense and the candle. During the day you should definitely burn some Frankincense incense as no matter what incense your spirit likes - Frankincense has the property of supporting and energizing solar spirits, celestial spirits, and gods. It may surprise you but a lot of succubi are solar spirits too. For Night spirits, perform the ritual  on the same days, but at the hour of sunset or twilight. There will be an Hour of Mercury or Venus handy which you can find with the handy app. For night spirits you would burn Myrrh instead with the incense they like. Sometimes - well a lot of times you'll burn both. They work together well. Myrrh is connective to the Underworld where a lot of these girls reside if you are going for a succubus. Pour the glass of their favorite liquor and knock three times and call out loudly their name. Welcome them there to your ritual - repeating by threes until you feel their presence strongly. Ask again if they will take the vessel offered as their own, and welcome them into it. Blow three times upon the vessel with the cap off and say each time, "Spirit (Name) I welcome you into this vessel - your home with me, take it for your comfort and safety, take it for your abode with me. Live and breath within this vessel by this the Breath of Life which I share with you by the authority and the blessing of the God that is within me." Then, cap the vessel, and Kiss the vessel three times saying, "I thank thee, (Name) for having taken this vessel as your body, as your home. May you ever feel comfortable and welcome here with me, and if ever such a time should come that you do not, your freedom is to go in peace."

Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed this series as much as I enjoyed writing it. As you can see there was a little bit of truth in all those stories about spirits in rings, in bottles, and in oil lamps! Be blessed.

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