Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spirit Relationships and "Mail Order" Spirits, Spirit Collecting, and the glamour phenomenon

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Been a while but I wanted to weigh in on some topics I've seen blogged about recently. The overall topic is Spirit Relationships. Specifically ones in which the human is in an alleged sexual relationship with a spirit, many times a succubus, but sometimes they run the fantasy world gauntlet. Out of their minds? Lost in fantasy? Well some are, but I caution that most are not, and are often initiates in very real spiritual traditions, and some are of the self-taught 'solitary' variety. Sure errors creep in (or even gallop) but if the spirit relationship is a real one, the spirit has many ways of slowly correcting the errors until the spurious fantastical details the mind in fantasy throws in, is abolish for a much more enjoyable reality (also challenging). So let's dig a little deeper...

Okay, so let's go at this from the direction many in the blogosphere go at it. Let's say we're curious, we've tried human sexual relationships and either need something more or found them completely unsatisfying. Enter the spirit collecting sites, and the blogs about summoning succubi (like this one). They perform a hastily prepared ritual, they pay for a spirit-filled vessel from one of those spirit collecting sites, or from a well known spirit conjurer. Then they lay down and sleep. At first it's either lot's of sexual dreams or even nightmares, or it's disappointing almost nothings but except for those few suspicious moments where maybe something happened, or maybe it was just your eager mind playing dirty tricks - despite the disappointment and the suspicions that your subconscious is taking you for a joy-ride, you continue anyways - for months - or even a year. Then, your not sure precisely when it started but your dreams stabilize, and you even start feeling touches - sexual and otherwise when awake. You feel a presence with you, near you, at first when these phenomenon begin you feel drained, tired, and you sleep a lot, then it slowly changes and you feel invigorated after each encounter, and maybe even hungry but not for food, and maybe just maybe your libido has gone through the roof.

What I have just described is pretty common scenario that many claim to have experienced, and I can back this up by my own very early experiments. Even now, it can be several things: It can be a spirit entity has been attracted by your actions and has attached itself to you. This can be bad or this can be very, very, very good. As always your milage will vary based on your reactions to the situation and on what safeguards you have put in place. It can also be delusions or even the beginnings of mental illness. Divination comes to our rescue here. ALWAYS confirm your experiences with a good diviner, and if you have the skills - always perform some divination to fact check your experiences, and verify your not getting yourself into a bad spiritual situation - or checking yourself into a mental ward in a few years! Here's some links to professional diviners I trust:

Now, if what is going on is a valid spiritual experience, it can be explained by one word...ready for it? Possession. "What! OMG do I need an exorcism? What's going on? What Do I do?" Calm down. It ain't that kind of possession. It's not the spit green pea soup sort or Hollywood drama - oh no. Calm yer tits and sit back down and listen. Possession is how a spirit interacts with us trapped in matter. They do this by merging into our vessels - our bodies and 'touching spirit to that which is spirit' - this is how you get those feelings of a presence around, or feel tingles or touches, caresses, etc. Scents and all sorts of other sensory data. You kind of do the same thing when you buy or make a spirit vessel (if it's a legitimate vessel), but more on that later. To continue, that rocketing sexual libido of yours or maybe the more troubling tiredness instead can be attributed to that spiritual bond or connection. If it's become a beneficial bond, then you won't experience many moments of feeling drained as the connection becomes more stable - and definitely as you work on making an actual relationship between you and the spirit - and not just bootie calls. To automatically go to the hostile spirit extreme when you describe feeling drained after a spirit encounter and then you or your diviner proceed to freak out is not a beneficial response. Every spiritual bond requires time to stabilize, and until it does your going to have all the earmarks or at least some of them, of a hostile spirit attached to you. As long as you take the right measures to identify the spirit and find our your mutual needs before you default to exorcisms, and banishing, you can move on to that stable bond - even WITH hostile spirits. "OMG - I can't believe you just said that - that is so irresponsible!" Why? because I suggest that any spirit can be ultimately worked with in a safe and beneficial manner? Certainly, some spirits are definitely beyond the novice, and you may end up needing that exorcism and the breaking or severing of that bond, that attachment, but it is not the default. As always, your experience, knowledge, and gained spiritual authority and power will dictate what you will be able to accomplish. Mileage will vary. It's because we aren't all exactly the same, and our life experiences have all been different. But let us move on...

That surge in your sexuality, maybe even in the attraction increase that others seem to have towards you, this is also an earmark of that spiritual bond, and it is the sharing of your spiritual essences as sort of bleed in of their nature and abilities into yours. This will be unstable early on and not always dependable. But we must press further on.

All of a sudden, everything was feeling so extreme, so blissful, then everything cuts to zero. You don't sense the presence, you don't feel the stray touches, people ignore you as they used to do before. What is going on? Quite simply you got caught up in the merely sexual component, and failed to grow your relationship until it soured quite suddenly and unexpectedly to you so caught up in the carnality of it all, and perhaps a heady feeling of superiority as maybe you utilized the glamour bleed over from the spirit to seduce men and women and get whatever you wanted. It's not necessarily wrong to enjoy the perks, but you got to consider that you need to feed that spirit to which you are bonded, and far more importantly, you've got to make the relationship stronger or it's going to vanish like conjuring smoke. Reward good behavior from your spirit with small offerings of something suitable - your spirit will have suggestions on that, but never give blood unless it is to form the initial bond. Not many spirits will even ask for that initial blood bond, and spirits that insist on blood constantly are probably more than you want to chew off on your first spirit relationship outing and maybe not even after the 30th such. Blood is like Crack, you can get your spirit addicted to it and as addicts they will become more and more demanding. Some very high spiritual entities will require that initial or occasional blood, or other bodily fluids, but be deadly sure it is such that you are dealing with. If they are such, such requests will not be couched as demands, and will only be requested in very specific contexts - and with a rarity. Continuing with offerings, most liquor spirits can be suitable to offer to Spirits - they can also temporarily enhance the bond with said Spirit by partaking of some yourself. We must doggedly continue even further...

So you've done all that and it still seems the spirit has lost interest in you. Perhaps, or perhaps not. It maybe upon reflection that you haven't been consistent, and you've become distracted by any number of things. Some measure of discipline is essential. Also, cleanliness, good diet, fasting, and meditation. Every sphere of yourself should be healthy and in balance. Without this, your spiritual bonds can be obscured or even broken. Sometimes you've just developed an energy blockage. Reiki and other healing modalities can help with this.

Now let's go back and deal with some points I've just glossed over until now, or only mentioned in my title. What of these spirit collecting sites like Creepy Hollows and this fairly new phenomenon of 'Spirit Collecting'? Your experiences may WIDELY vary. Very similar to such postings on Ebay and Etsy for 'haunted items' these vendors claim to be able to sell you jewelry or many other simple items with the claim that they are inhabited by succubi or djinn or even more exotic spirit or mythological entity. Such listings are difficult to validate, and many are outright scams sold to the gullible. Peppered within the miasmic stew are solid practitioners selling legitimate spirit vessels, usually in the form of pots, statuary, dolls, and other similar articles. Many of these also do a poor job of citing their spiritual resumes, naming their teachers, their traditions, or any such thing. A lot of times even if it looks like they do cite their sources none of it matches when checked with a legitimate practitioner of that tradition. Scammers are many. That said there are legitimate sources, but unless you know that person beyond and internet contact there is little you can do but ask them for sources, their traditions, then check them with known practitioners, and of course divination always helps! Sometimes, it still comes down to a risk. I have to admit my own cited sources are not that verifiable. I largely taught myself, with a healthy dose of spiritual initiation from spirits themselves. I am not currently an initiate of any tradition, though I have completed my Reiki Attunements and Certifications up to Reiki Master. I have read extensively into Theistic Satanism, Luciferianism, and Daemonolatry, but I do not consider myself a true initiate. Book knowledge alone does not initiate. What I am quite proud of (but what images that could prove it completed are not safe to post for a variety of spiritual reasons) is my successful Pact within the confines of the Grimoire Verum. I've learned a lot in Jake Stratton Kent's Yahoo Forum, and definitely from his Book series through Scarlet Imprint. In that I can safely claim to have had great success via the initiation by spirit - upon which that grimoire so heavily revolves and depends upon. Spirit is the Gatekeeper in that system, and as my prior blog entries prove - it can take years until the spirits permit the successful completion of a Pact. I'm definitely living proof. Except that is not easy to prove unless I invited you over while I performed conjurations! Welcome to the Wild West of the World Wide Web. It's unfortunate that we depend on so much upon such an impersonal system of communication. Establishing trust at a distance has never been easy, and the web doesn't make this any easier, even if a lot of times it gives the illusion of being so.  Anyways, success with conjuring spirits or purchasing spirit vessels will ultimately come down to your motivations. If you are just out to get some demonic sex kitten slave, or 'collect them all spirit harem' your experiences are not going to be that great. Spirits have standards too!

I am encouraged by the proliferation of such activities and blogging about relationships with Succubi and other spirits. Many of these blogs at their heart reveal a solid desire to form and respect that spiritual bond, and prove out over the course of their frequent blogs that a lot of the old stereotypes against connections with these spirits are being broken down - and rightly so! Yet, it is another Wild West scenario you've got lots of people claiming things (and I'm no different) and not a lot of truly verifiable facts. That's the problem with the internet. To some extent some good book publishing may help with spreading the good practices when trying to form such spirit relationships. The foundations of new spiritual traditions also, may at some future point become a trusted and viable source for many. A tradition, to be useful and successful does not have to be ancient. Spiritism and Spiritualism were relatively modern spiritual movements, yet they have become quite necessary and integral parts of many traditions in Central and Latin America. An example is the Brazilian cult of Quimbanda. Still, new traditions will have to earn trust, and that is in ever shorter supply these days as Western Society crumbles into oblivion - and with it healthy interactions amongst us fleshy types. Let's press on to some final points.

The Glamour, the raw sexual lust that infects you in some of these spirit bonds. Good thing? or a Bad Thing? Depends, but here's my take on it. As I stated before, it's a sharing of your natures - a bleed through effect from the spirit to you. Also, some of your physical needs and addictions can bleed from you to the spirit. Over time as your relationship hopefully develops, this merging will become stronger and stronger until it may see to you and others that you've become a 'succubus' or and 'incubus'. In a way you have, and in other ways nope your still very, very human. Have no delusions about that. YOU ARE HUMAN. To believe anything else is to invite error. What I believe can and does happen during this merging process is that your spirit undergoes a radical transformation, a transformation that completes upon your physical death - when you emerge from the chrysalis that is your body and become a perhaps greater spiritual being. To become a succubus/incubus or other similar daemonic being is entirely possible. There are definite spells and rites from as far back as the PGM and it's synthesis of Greek and Egyptian traditions and practices that via specific agreements with spiritual entities you can be assured of becoming a Daemon upon your death. These spirit relationships of modern times may not be any different, meeting the specific conditions necessary. Alternately, it is not outside certain traditional beliefs that succubi and other demons can successfully mate with humans and bring forth mixed breeds known as Cambions, or Lilim. The Angels were said to mate with humans and of those pairing came the Nephilim. I see no reason that such things are not STILL possible. Observing some via personal experience, I can definitely believe it not only possible, but likely, but not in every case where someone is just desperate to be 'special'. Being special has nothing to do with your potential ancestry. You are who you are, and that is in itself - SPECIAL. You are important because your here - you are Incarnated into the physical world. That's a tremendously BIG deal. Ain't no lie it's a huge struggle a lot of days - or even EVERY day, but you were judged worthy to COMPETE. So finish with STYLE, or just plain give up. My life is composed of mostly long bouts of idiocy, with some moments of clarity, and then the rest is just dogged determination to not lay down and give up. My grandfather went 22-0 in his boxing career, and he did it, by not giving up, dogged determination, a solid WILL. How about we all try a little more of that?

Yours Sincerely,

The Valeyard


  1. I saw your post on Loose Cannon's blog about the comment posted asking about being possessed by or being a succubuss. I've been going through something very similar. Im wondering, just how much influence do Lilith/incubi/succubi have over people?
    There has been as incubus in my life since I was born. But, he didn't reveal himself till last year, just after I started trying to speak to Lilith. I've been drawn to Lilith since I first heard her name (when I was around six.) there's more, but it's way to much to type out.
    Do you know what significance the number 222 has to Lilith?

  2. The drawing to Lilith is either you are a Cambion (part demon) or through the resonance to demon kind through our body (From Tiamut), and blood (from Demon King Kingu) from Akkadian/Sumerian Origins stories. We were made to be slaves of gods but we naturally rebelled have killed gods and have our freedom. Lilith and other demons have a big influence pull or draw upon us partly for those reasons above. The number 222 speaks to the infernal trinity of Lilith, Sammael, linked by the Blind Dragon who ever seek to aid us in remaining free - untrammeled by the chains many both gods and humans that wish us to put chains and fears back on. It is a beautiful and not an evil thing. Far from being bad to refer to them as demons - we should rejoice with them in this name - in this freedom to embrace our full potential.

    1. Thanks for replying! That's really interesting. 222 is basically the name tag that Lilith uses when she sends a message my way. And, she led me to my birth certificate, it was plastered right on there as the time of birth! And is the street number of the school I ws going to when I met a girl (a psychic who freaked out at the sight of me. Said she spoke to me in a vision) that gave me a strong gut feeling that she was from Lilith.

  3. Indeed! Your experiences are right in there with mine with numbers being used like an identification or signature. So tell me more about your spirit relationship, If you like via my email address or here in comments. How long on a conscious level with your incubus and what brought it about - the situation etc. By the way their gender is pretty mutable and sometimes astrological conditions are such on a given day that you'll be interacting with their reverse gender on some occasions. Sometimes with the higher orders this gets even more interesting as some High Order Demons have Angelic counterparts! Their true names undergo small alterations but definitely the same being. It all makes for some very interesting times interacting with these beings of great power.