Saturday, May 23, 2015

When you've given offense to Spirits...and what to do about it after

There are many unseen things in this world, living their lives peacefully enough, but then we come stomping through, rudely stepping on them, demolishing their homes and habitats, polluting ancients springs and rivers without a thought, and destroying the entire world's ecosystem while we are at it. Spirits are a part of nature and they are disrupted just as much as some seemingly lowly ant or honey bee. Worse, their 'sting' - their curse can be a lot more debilitating. This can take the form of unusual physical ailments that doctors cannot explain or treat successfully - yet it remains or even grows worse. Your actions may have in fact run afoul of a spirit.

Modern society today sneers at the medicine man, the shaman, the witch doctor, and the alchemist, but these spiritual specialists are more than ably equipped to deal with these grudges of spirits against the living. They intercede on your behalf. It's too bad they aren't trusted like they used to be. It's too bad that we have charlatans that lay claim to what they can do, only to be proved be little more than roleplayers and outright frauds. Fortunately, they can take care of themselves against the fakes - and they can help you too.

I lay no claim to be any of these 'spirit doctors.' I am finally a Reiki Master and I do interact with spirits on a daily basis, but that is a far thing indeed from what these specialists coming from many cultures can do! One word of warning - Don't try to steal their shit. You'll be sorry! Give them some damned respect, and respect their tradition - don't think of some way to exploit it yourself. Western Culture is still in it's infancy regarding recovering our spiritual roots and know-how. But how we recover it is by careful experimentation and through extensive work with our spirits as the secrets are returned to us, one painful discard of our 'scientific mindset' instance at a time. Nevermind that western science stopped being about testing and observation and retreated instead to knee-jerk reactions for everything we don't understand and can't adequately test in lab setting. So give these guys and gals some love, and for the love of Manon ;-) - Don't try to monetize what they share with you!

And now just for the hell of it some Rusalka water spirits of Russian traditions:

And a Good Night, A Good Afternoon, A Good Evening to you All!

The Valeyard

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