Friday, July 31, 2015

The Science of Magic

As this blog should inform, this blog often focuses on the esoteric or the occult in relation to the practice of magic, necromancy, and Goetia. I've got to say that folks just need to get out and start doing - make plenty of mistakes because that's how you learn. It's great if you find someone willing to teach you - either a paid course, paid mentorship, or for free out of their willingness to share (a rare case this is becoming). If it's a good established magical tradition and your mentor checks out with several others you trust go for the paid options. Unfortunately, the free variety from someone who truly knows what they are doing is rare as hen's teeth. Blind leading the blind or personality cults are some problems that are steadily growing worse in the community as a whole. Support groups however of like-minded peers I enthusiastically support. Sure most of the members you'll find in such groups are hunting and pecking in the eclectic flavor that has become such a dirty word among initiated traditions and yes appropriation without the context of the tradition from which it was pulled is more harmful than helpful, but at least these folks are trying. There is an honest desire amongst them to establish and hone their craft and make it theirs - that's a GOOD thing. It's a foregone conclusion they are going to tread on toes and make horrendous mistakes and borrow everything that looks like it works. It's a wild wild west out there and they are laying hands on whatever helps make life better for them, their friends, and clients. Sure you have the fantasy set that seems to pull all their 'magic' for rpg's like Dungeons and Dragons and similar contexts or popular games or movies. For a lot of the new folks that's what has caught their eyes for better or worse and made them start thinking beyond a Judeo-Christian mindset often times. I get it's annoying as hell, but we all started somewhere sometimes in exactly the same shoes. Sure some of us were very lucky to have occult practitioners within our families or among close friends that clued us in a bit better than the rest. Then of course there is those that claim to be 'Natural Witches' (thank-you, 'The Craft' for this enduring fantasy among witches today) - you may have innate talents, but please let's just stop using this 'Natural Witch' term - it smack of elitism and 'master race' far, far too much!

But let me come back around to my point - You have to start doing. Your current knowledge even if it's almost zero can be built upon. Honest pursuit of your magical craft will help to reveal your path and make you a beacon for such spirits that will take notice of you, some to guide, and some to trick and mislead. This is how you get there. You just start doing. It's that simple really. Investigate, learn, ask lots of questions, but you got to keep trying things out in regards to magic. It's a lot like science - you investigate, your form a hypothesis, you construct your spells/potions/perfumes/oleums/candles, and then you put them into play tweaking the variations along with a control version that is probably your source material you dug up in some book. By repeated crafted experimentation you gain experience, confidence, and knowledge in how magic interacts with the world and your reality. Keep careful journals and notes. This is how you perform the science of magic.

The following are some resources for some excellent online occult learning: Go here for an exhaustive collection of course work, The Red Work, and the Seven Spheres - learn Alchemy and Hermetic paths. An excellent resource for the aspiring goetic mage - especially those interesting in the Graeco-Egyptian magic of the PGM. Michael Cecchetelli is an accomplished author with the unique Crossed Keys - a paired grimoire of the Black Dragon and the Enchiridion of Pope Leo III. He also put out a new and superior translation of the Book of Abrasax another grimoire well worth a look. Christopher Warnock is an accomplished Renaissance Astrologer working with the Picatrix as well as having a thorough knowledge of methods of Cornelius Agrippa to Paracelsus. Jason Miller has an excellent sorcery course called Strategic Sorcery and it's a fantastic correspondence course though you will find you will not get feedback on your turned in homework. Keep pressing and do the homework anyways and talk on the available forums with your fellow students. Worth doing.

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