Friday, August 21, 2015

Interactions with Spirits: Introduction

Interactions with Spirits, that has a pretty wildly variable meaning to folks depending on their view points, their culture, religious influences, etc. Folks are keeping them at bay with house purifications and personal exorcisms, while others are seeking out haunted location for the sense of 'supernatural' or the thrill. Some folks are conjuring demons to perform magic, others are doing the same to derive personal pleasure by gaining a spiritual lover. None of these interactions are wrong and they all have their basis in historical practice. What I think in the modern sense what we 'get wrong' so often times is we compartmentalize spirits and insist this spirit can only be used for x and only that spirit for y - and don't even mess with z because they are evil fuckers...Just as individuals have strengths and weaknesses, so too do spirits. And the same is for the ability to do many things not just one specialty. Humans aren't super specialized, and neither are spirits. Finally, humans aren't universally one set morality - even within a single individual! And let's not even go into race because that's just bunk - one race is not better or more moral than another race, nor do all subjects of a race conform to the cultural norms within that racial group. People are individuals and they make personal choices and spirits are the same. 

In this new series of blog entries I will be taking various interactions with spirits a bit more in-depth. 

The blog entries will cover:

  • Protecting your turf. Laying down the boundaries. Expelling harmful entities, and keeping your spiritual space purified, and your household guardians happy.

  • Performing magic via the aid of spirits

  • spiritual lovers - not a neo-pagan fantasy but rooted in our oldest magical traditions.

I may vary the order I cover these topics in but I will be writing about and discussing with those interested. They may not all be timely posts and other posts may intrude as I adequately prepare my notes to properly do each entry sincere justice. I look forward to presenting the material and indeed some of the research digging for specific references! Please comment as well if you are wanting something covered that I haven't thought to include in my introduction, or I missed some aspect of something you feel should have been covered. I'll do my best to fulfill these requests and answer such questions. Thanks and I hope you all enjoy!